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Ethics is a very important aspect of life, not only in business but also in all fields. To ensure that a company can align business ethics and regulatory issues to the business, it will need to develop a proper strategy. The initial strategy that the management needs to develop is to include the staffs in that process. They need to feel that they are part of the decision making of that organization. This can be made possible through seeking some ideas from them. The management should also enact strict measures to anyone who violates the business ethics and regulatory issue for that company. This will ensure that most people in that organization can abide by the set rules and regulations for the benefits of that organization. Such measures will help in brand development since it will create a positive image with the public. Ethical decision making should be centered in protecting employees and customers rights, making all business operation fair and just. Customers are known to have their unique values and beliefs regarding certain issues. The management should ensure that they are conflicting with such beliefs or values that customers uphold.

Individuals Personal Information and Customer Privacy

Personal information include data about an identifiable individual that are noted or recorded. They include the name of the person, his or her email address, personal address, mobile or phone numbers, race, ethnicity, nationality, sex and marital status. In some instances, it might also include personal views about politics and religion.

Information technology is radically changing the landscape of business. It has the potential of emerging as the strategic driver in organizations in many ways. Although cultures of organizations together with business strategies dictate or shape the application of information technology in companies, the influence is usually powerful in the other way round. Information technology impact strategic options as well as establishing opportunities and issues that need to be addressed by managers in several aspects of their business

Technological advancement poses a threat to some civic liberties. As computing and communications capabilities have developed rapidly, so have questions on the enjoyment of individuals right to privacy. It has become less costly to store data and process information, which has made it more likely that the government as well as private entities will collect and keep detailed personal information on citizens. Currently, there is little knowledge on the agencies that collect individuals personal data, the uses of the data and the possible ways in which it could be used inappropriately. The concerns about individuals privacy have made internet users less trustful of online enterprises, which has impeded the growth of technological applications that could advance societal progress.

Computer Attacks and Abuse Techniques

Spyware is kind of malware, which is installed on a computer without approval or awareness of the owner with the aim of gathering the private information of the owner. It is usually hidden such that the user can not know about it, and collects information regarding the internet interaction, any important information, passwords and keystrokes. In addition, they can affect the performance of a computer negatively by the installation of more software, which redirects the web browser searchers, reducing the speeds of connections, changing settings of computer, disrupting the ability of network connection completely or even changing the homepage. Moreover, it can be used as a kind of adware, whereby the unsolicited pop-up ads are delivered by the software on top of tracking the behavior of the user. Characteristically, the software is installed when the owner is doing the installation of a kind of free software that they really needed.

On the other hand, a virus is a program that is written to enter computer and alter or damage data or files. It is capable of deleting or corrupting data on a computer. They can also be in a position of replicating themselves. In comparison with a computer work, we find that a computer virus is the most dangerous as it can delete or alter files whereas worms can only replicate themselves without altering or deleting data or files. They have various ways of entering computers such as attaching themselves on images, video or audio files and greetings (Feinstein, 2004). They can also enter via downloads on the internet. More so, they can be hidden in a trial or free software or even some other files that are downloaded. Therefore, before downloading anything from the internet, it is important to be sure about it. Nearly all viruses are attached to a file that is executable, meaning that the virus might exist on the computer but cannot really infect the computer unless the user opens or runs the malicious program. It is essential to take into consideration the fact that a virus cannot be distributed without an action by humans, like running a program that is infected to keep it going.

Lastly, browser session hijacking is a type of a cybernetic world bait-and-switch. The spyware redirects the search queries and browser sessions, taking the users to some search engines and websites that they never wanted to access or were not interested. The user who is hijacked can be exposed to some unwanted or suspect advertising and content. They can earn affiliate fees and commissions for referral by referring the user selectively to an electronic commerce site that provides some product or service that is similar to the user and the site that is intended.

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