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The field of tourism and hospitality is drastically growing. New dynamics and the trends in the industry are emerging every day. The economies of various countries across the globe are either suffering or gaining. Australia and some Southern European countries have been affected. This is as a result of the global downturn. Emerging trends in hospitality and tourism have bolstered the world economy, therefore, becoming a focus of real investment. These trends have impacts on the domestic markets across the world. The emerging trends include variation in consumer tastes. User changes in Australia are both domestic and international. Australians are big travelers. Therefore, there are many domestic tourists.

Some of the consumer changes include the need for internet connectivity. It is due to the explosion of technology across the world. This has brought about the need for seamless technology. This calls for wireless connectivity in tourist resorts. These consumer changes both by domestic and international tourist have daring impacts on Australian tourism.

The impact of this technology is the developing need by players in hospitality and tourism to install internet connectivity in the places of business. Tourists are self-sufficient and use mobile phone application and websites. Most of the tourists prefer accommodations that have installed free internet among other high-tech equipment. Such demands compel the investors to put more capital to succeed in tourism and hospitality industry. They, in turn, get more returns.

As an emerging trend, international visitors now require services that suit their cultures and their personal needs. They include resorts that provide services in a variety of languages. Unlike before, today globalization has lead to a multitude of languages in all places.

Attending to the particular need of the millennial is a need-based market segment in the tourism and the hospitality industry. They include people aged between 18-34yrs.They have commons but unique needs. Such requirements include early exposure to technology. They mostly like individual service in refreshments and personalized interaction. Other common needs may include musical systems and access to the internet.

Business tourists provide a need-based segment in the tourism and hospitality industry. Unlike other visitors, Business tourists are professional. They are conscious about spending money. They are very strict about their schedules and do not tolerate adjustments. Flights and schedules that are strictly timely to tour destinations are likely to attract these classes of people. In return, the business grows.

The nature of accommodation in need based segment in the hospitality industry. Different tourists require certain classes of accommodation. The affluent have their needs on exclusive resorts and the five-star hotels. The discipline of the revenue management is considered by the wealthy. They value efficiency and comfort in the customer services.

There have been drastic changes in market segmentation in the hotel and hospitality industry. This is due to the rapid variations in the consumer need with time. With the technological advancement, there is the need for people keep advancing. This creates new segments in the industry. The consumer behavior in the sector keeps on changing. It brings about other needs that the consumer of the tourism and hospitality services wishes to get.

The consumer behavior primarily impacts on the services provided. It is influenced by social cultural and personal factors. The endeavor of every business person is to differentiate the customer groups and meet their needs differently. The quality and type of services vary depending on the client's acceptance of the services.

Though they are two different branches, hospitality and tourism go hand in hand. Such is so because in tourism people usually travel beyond their usual environments. Therefore they require comfort in the aspects of convention centers, hotels and restaurants. In this case, the hospitality industry is important. When customers move to explore a new environment, they need basic needs.

Tourists choose to travel to places where there are essential and entertainment services. These include reliable means of transport t like the travel and tour vehicles. They also require accommodation where they retire and get refreshments after their trips. Tourists are likely to visit attractive places where there are hospitality services. This creates a mutually meaningful relationship between the two industries. Therefore, the tourist destination with the most satisfactory hospitality services is likely to influence both domestic and international tourists.

Global impact of terrorism is among the trending issues affecting tourism and hospitality industry. Such attacks scare away the tourists hence low number visits to various destinations. The Melbourne attack by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS adversely affected the tourism in Australia. Potential tourists restrained themselves from visiting Australia due to the perception that at the moment it was terrorist infested.

The emphasis on the health of the people and the well being of individuals has an impact on tourism and the hospitality industry. Physical fitness and healthy eating have lately been advised. Therefore hotels have been fitted with gymnasiums and swimming pool among other facilities. These restaurants are also providing healthy dishes to the tourists. This emerging trend has attracted many people to the facilities where the services are offered.

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