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In the pursuit to determine the sources of measurement error, the student presented various factors which cause the type of error during the collection of data during the research process. The main causes of errors which were explained comprise of the respondents' error, the measurer error, the instrument error and the situational factor error. Besides, the applicability of all these types of errors is elucidated with examples. Besides, the student did highlight some of the effects the errors posit in the society. Some of them comprise of the respondents error which can affect a face-to-face interview in a multitude ways. For example, the interviewer may not fully understand the background of the personnel that they are interviewing, particularly if they are merely collecting data, and not taking part in the analysis (Veal & Ticehurst, 2005). Therefore, in the event a student has not fully understood the respondent, then the information or data collected can be skewed in a manner and could not fully reflect the first-hand information at hand. The explanation shows that the student fully understood the concept and could be able to make it vivid for a proper understanding by the readers. Besides, the student has tried to reveal the biblical means as to which the problems could be solved.

However, there are various weaknesses which arise from the analysis of the errors. For example, the student has failed to disclose the scientific methods which could be used to eliminate or reduce the errors from affecting the data or information collected. Therefore, some of these factors include the use of the adjustment procedures. It is a method which is used to correct and cover for the effect of measurement error by making the best use of data from a reliability and validity studies. The second procedure is the use of multiple measures of exposure in any epidemiologic study. These are used to create the index or score and a subject for every subject under study. The next method is to reduce the error by the use of quality control mechanisms. These comprise of carefully designing the data collection questionnaire, indulge in the complete documentation of the procedures of the study and testing of the data collection instruments (Ng & Coakes, 2014). Besides, the appropriate training of the supervisors and data collectors is very paramount. Also, the raw, adjusted data should be recorded over a given period of the research.

According to the book of Psalm 19:12, states that; who can discern his errors? Acquit me of the hidden faults ( Holman Bible Publishers (Nashville, Tenn.), 2017). It thus shows that the errors which have been made should not be hidden, rather they should be revealed and the necessary action to be taken to make the necessary adjustments to eliminate or reduce the impact of the errors on the results.



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