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Just like any other business, corporate universities are also set up to fulfill a specific mandate. In the slide share slides, corporate universities are set up to address skills and knowledge gap in particular fields of study. There is a lot that is going on, including changing workforce, shifting demographics and the shortages of skilled workers ("9 Steps To A Corporate University", 2017). These issues form the grounds for setting up a corporate university. My employee, Smart Tech Center, may be different from a corporate university given it majorly deals with information technology issues, by the purpose on which it is set up as some similarity with a corporate university. Just as the university is being set up to address the problems in skills shortage and shifting demographics, Smart Techs core purpose is to address information security issues, which are becoming critical issues for many companies today. Unlike a half a decade ago, today businesses have valuable data that is a target for malicious entities. That has resulted to they need to develop more complex data security infrastructure systems, just to ensure those malicious entities are kept of any corporations information resources. Smart Tech is there to step in and address emerging issues, a key deliverable a corporate university aims to fulfill as well.

The steps provided for opening and operating corporate university are more similar to the principles Smart Tech lives within its effort to continue delivering critical services to clients. Importantly, is to emphasize on having the right talent in the team. Smart Tech recruits on a regular basis in a bid to get the best talent in the market. The company also engages in various activities with an intention to improve employees skills. That includes providing developmental opportunities continually as well as building harmony and synergy. That is something that the plan has underlined as crucial for creating a successful corporate entity. There are specific things that every business must have, like a defined direction, the scope of its services, operating principles among others. They are part of the essential on the steps to a corporate university.

Smart Tech knows and recognizes each stakeholder, from employees, management, shareholders, the community and everyone who has a direct or indirect interest in the business. The plan emphasizes the universitys need to keep contact with its stakeholders as a way of ensuring its sustainability and understanding the markets needs ("9 Steps To A Corporate University", 2017). Lastly, just like the university must develop a marketing plan, so is all other entities. Smart Tech has a marketing strategy, which guides its activities on promoting and selling, its services. A marketing strategy is document that gives a blueprint on how the company will ensure their products have maximum visibility in the market, and every customer has access to the products or services (Chawla, 2015). That is vital for every entity to succeed in any market.

Overall, the corporate university must have a set-out plan that addresses every aspect, from leadership to strategic decisions and direction. It is important to determine all elements of success before going to the market. I might not have been present when Smart Tech started its operations, but as is the case, it did go through the process set out in the corporate universitys structure. It has all other issues pertinent to the corporate university. All those things make it comparable to any separate business entity out there.


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