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A construct refers to ability or skill that a test aims to measure. (Miller L.A., Lovler, R.2016). The test will be aimed at identifying the understanding that the candidates have in the third chapter of their psychology course text. Further, the test is aimed at determining the level of which the students can relate what is in the chapter thereof their course text with what they have learned in the other sections of the course, and even the entire unit at large. The total questions that the students are expected to answer are two essay based questions, through which the examiners intends to examine a number of factors, including their mastery of the content, the skill that they have gained in the course of the studies, and their ability to articulate the material that they have covered in class.

Test Format

The test format identified for this test is the essay format. Those taking the test are therefore in this case expected to engage in lengthy writing. Writing in briefs, using numbering and arrows. In addition to any other methods that the student may apply to write the work in point, forms are not allowed.

The students are however expected to show mastery of the content that they have learned by engaging in a lengthy discussion that is supposed to bring out the expected content. It is vital to show further mastery of the material by being precise to the point and generalizing the information.

The students are expected to represent their content in a way that the examiner is in a position to quickly identify the main points that the students are attempting to put across. It should be noted that as much as the question is in an essay form, it is essential that new ideas be started in new paragraphs as by this, it is easy for the examiner to identify them without having to make random gausses about what the student could be trying to put across.

The student is at the liberty of bringing in ideas that may be relevant to the topic at hand, as long as the identification of the source of the ideas is made. Further, these new ideas that have not been learned in class will only be accepted in the case that the student presents evidence that is sufficiently convincing to the examiner.

Scoring the Test

Since the question is in an essay format, there will be no one answer that all the students will be expected to have, however, the examiner will in the marking skim provide the best possible answer to the question at hand. The examiner will then proceed to make more variables that could be to some extent correct with regards to the subject. In marking the question, the point of reference will be the answer provided by the examiner. All the essays will then be graded depending on their level of similarity to the expected response. Students who have responses that will be almost similar to the expected answer will get the highest grade

The grading will also be meant to ascertain the level by which the students have monitored the content of their syllabus. Consequently, students are expected to answer the question in a way that they analyze the content given to them, prove the ability to synthesize information and finally evaluate the material presented to them in the course of their studies and identify the most appropriate for the question.

The essays will also be marked by several examiners. The main purpose for this will be for the reason or verification so that one work is assesed and verified by different examiners. This way the level of bias will be reduced in the instance that there could be examiners who may be having unstated personal problems with a particular candidate.



Miller, L. A. & Lovler, R. (2016). Foundations of Psychological Testing: A Practical Approach (5th edition)


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