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The primary problem at Campus News gets based on the little skills or experience owned by Mark Lee and other staff members. Most of the news reporters have no foundation of news writing and in many occasion make mistakes. For example, the misspelling of the name of the Dean of engineering and even inaccuracy on matters news reporting. Another unforgettable scenario of Campus News error featured a story about Algonquian attempt of settling a dispute with one of the faculty members who had tenure issues. It is thus arguable that all these circumstances existed based on the inexperience of Mark Lee and the staff members.

How to rate Maryanne Norton as a Leader

I would rate Maryanne Norton as a leader who offers motivation and exercises equality in ensuring that the people being led do not feel interior but focuses on the primary objective with confidence. The rating is evident based on her working relationship with the staff of Campus News despite their lack of experience. It is also noted that despite most of the staff of the campus News being students, she treats them as peers and colleagues.

How to rate Mark Lee as a follower

I would rate Mark Lee as a follower who is optimistic and enthusiastic about the job he is doing. Despite his little experience in journalism, he is excited about the editorial role and consults with Maryanne who is also not quick to offer critics but positive suggestions.

Leadership style exhibited in the Hersey and Blanchard situational leadership approach displayed by Maryanne

The leadership style shown by Maryanne is that of coaching. The method involves listening, advising and assisting the followers in acquiring the necessary skills (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). In most occasions, Maryanne is depicted to take time meeting with the staffs of Campus New every week before any publications together with holding social gatherings at her home.

How to rate the readiness level of student followers at Campus News

The willingness of the student followers can be rated as high based on the atmosphere created by Maryanne. She has ensured that the job is exciting and rewarding and many students have shown interest in reporting for the Campus News. She also offers guidance which increases the morale of the students and increasing the enjoyment of the program.

The situational leadership which would be most effective with students working for Campus News

The most effective style is that of directing based on the inexperience of most of them. The students must, therefore, be directed on how to write and edit news and also how to give accurate news reporting (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). Most of the problems experienced get based on much focus getting laid on the relationship with the students instead of Maryanne being steadfast on giving directions and ensuring that they are followed to the latter.

Advice to Maryanne on what to tell the President of Algonquian University on improving the situation at Campus News

First I would advise Maryanne to inform the president of the University of the Circumstances leading to the worrying challenges. For example, the lack of experience of the staff of Campus News. The president will, therefore, have a clear view of the present situation and may also assist where necessary. Furthermore, I would inform her to request the president for the training of the staff members of Campus News so that they can have the skills of writing, editing, and reporting news. Lastly, I would also tell her to inspire hope to the president that she will reevaluate her method of leadership and take an approach which will see the Campus News giving accurate and appropriate information.



Hackman M.Z. & Johnson C.E. (2013). Leadership A Communication Perspective. 6th Edition



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