Coursework Example: Teachings and Learning Processes in the Health Care Professionals

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Home care is a service provided by the health care system through the use of practitioners who are capable of comprehending the situation. In chapter six of the case study, Nala is injured, and he seeks medical attention through the help of his friend Tony. The study aims to describe the teachings and learning experiences in health care system therapy. There are various teachings which ought to be taught on health issues and how to handle emergency issues and give first aid before reaching to the hospital.

Teachings and learning about knowledge needed. For example, in chapter six, Tony should have skills on how to handle Nala immediately after the injury. Civic education should be conducted to the people within the society on matters to do with controlling medical issues. Teaching and learning process in the school of nursing and medicine should be efficient and effective. The teacher should ensure that he/she put across the learning objectives in the class in the exclusive right (Hermann, 2017). An open discussion should be welcome from any student who raises an issue concerning the taught topic, and credible answers should be agreed. There should be an appropriate assessment in the planning of the lesson to give time for advanced preparation for the lessons.

On evaluation cases, the teaching and learning process for all the healthcare courses requires some significant expansion. There should be an analysis on how to shape the civic education given to people on matters to do with an evaluation of the learning practices. Using professionals when handling a patient is relevant to avoid excessive blood loss from a patient in case of a real-life practical internship. Form the case study; Steve is talking behind Stark saying that it was a case which went down. This is an excellent example to show that the learning procedures required in the health science department were not conducted inaccuracy. This brings out the aspect on the need to perform all practical procedures and observing all the strategies with keenness.

Training analysis is an aspect which should be stressed out in the field of health science. Consistent training is necessary for the nurses and the doctors. There is a different type of diseases which emerge with time and doctors and scientist should have the knowledge to tackle such situations. Training Need Analysis is essential in this department to improve the services offered to the patients. They should also be skilled with information on how to advise the patients on necessary measures to take after treatment and while under medications.

The use of compartmentalization aspect is crucial since it healths in complex thinking in the learning process to come up with all the advocated solutions (Stark, 2017). There is also enforcement of new health approaches and policies to follow while using dominant biomedical procedures. Teachings and learning procedures should follow these steps to help all the scientists to be equipped with information and coming up with a solution to a specific illness or any form of injury. The program preparation is also an aspect to consider during the learning therapy as it helps in time management and estimates the amount of time to perform a particular surgery to the patients. Through such practicing, it will make it perfect during treatment of the patient.

In conclusion, learning and teaching procedure are essential in healthcare department. The scientists should be available for training practices and teaching lessons. Also, the learners should create ample time for learning since science and healthcare sector requires complex studies which needs much time input.



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