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One of the main concepts that majorly refers to the type of staffs that the company has is organizational commitment. For the sake of this paper, organizational commitment will be based on three components which included the recognition of employees in regards to the mission and aims of the company; employee allegiance and the behaviors of employees observed while executing the assigned duties on behalf of the company. The discussion will be based on Pepsi company, which is one of the leading companies that is identified as a global seller of non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks. The firm has employed a lot of sales representatives to create awareness to customers regarding their products as well as to influence them to buy.


Elvis is a sales representative that is obliged to different and responsibilities in one of Pepsi retail outlets. Some of the responsibility Elvis carries out include, visiting consumers with the aim of demonstrating various products that the company offers and convincing them to purchase; establishing the need of consumers, reporting to his supervisor about the daily sales and to provide feedback from the consumer on the newly developed product. With all these functions that the sales representatives carry out, the employer hardly recognizes Elvis. The payment he receives is based on commission which is rated every day, and it depends on the sales of that particular day which are standard, and therefore, the supervisor always demands an explanation if Elvis fails to meet the target of that particular day. Furthermore, Elvis is not employed permanently, the contract terms of his job are temporary, and any time he risks losing his job. This aspect lowers his motivation because he knows that he is not there to stay as the company has no plans of employing permanently. As such, Felix has developed fear as he fears when executing the responsibilities since he is not sure of what tomorrow holds.


Job satisfaction is one of the vital matters that determine sales personnel work commitment to Pepsi. Job satisfaction is the perception and extent to which a salesperson likes the marketing job. Job satisfaction involves business environment factors including facilities within the company. Furthermore, it can be referred to as the psychological well-being of sales personnel. For instance, Elvis is operating in under in hostile working environment; unwell psychological being and personal factors which make him tot satisfied with the job. Every day, there is sales target that Elvis requires to meet for him to get little cash and this gives him a lot of stress. Therefore, when Pepsi does not enhance job satisfaction, there is a low level of work commitment of Elvis. The company should also reduce the stress level of sales personnel since these types of stressors are beneficial.

The organization has not empowered Elvis through engaging with him more frequently. Employ engagement involves simultaneous employment and expression of individuals preferred self-behavior. Empowerment can only exist if individual conviction that staffs have regarding their roles in the organization. Psychological engagement can only exist if employees perceive that they exercise some control over their work lives and this is not the case with Elvis. Engagement of Elvis has been undermined by the negative and distant relationship between co-workers and the managers. A negative and antagonistic relationship among employees make Elvis feel overlooked within the company and end up unclearly performing their responsibilities due care and accountability. As such, the salesperson feel as if he is not engaged, and hence become no committed less committed to his tasks.

Another issue that has undermined the level of performance of the salesperson is lack of job security. Employees that settle in a position that is much more likely to attain long-term career goals always commit themselves to the company. Employees who do not fear for their jobs are more like to perform a higher level and commit themselves to the organization. The organization is also committed to motivating such employees since it knows they are there to stay as compared to temporary employees. In this case, the can management use goal setting theory whereby it set goals to subsequent performance. Without the most basic goals, employees cannot show up or see the purpose of holding a particular position within a company. At Pepsi, the sales representative has been employed temporary, and there future continuity in working with the company is uncertain. It is also evident that the sales representatives are further subjected to recurrent resignation by the management. Therefore, the existence of job insecurity has adversely influenced negatively to commit himself completely to the operation of the company. Stress has come in as a result of job insecurity. Stress at work can be different form direction. Elvis, in this case, have the skill and the capability to carry out the assigned responsibilities, but there is no clear expectation and objectives make him feel disconnected.


The management can assume the following anticipated initiatives to enhance the performance of employees. First top management should harness their responsibilities for corporate social responsibility to improve the commitment of salesperson in the company. There should be the integration of each stakeholder including all the staffs that plays an essential role in ensuring that the company achieves its objectives. This will enable everybody to own the objective of the organization and look for ways of achieving them.

Secondly, the company can come up with reward and evaluation mechanism for Elvis. Currently, Elvis is on commission, and there is somedays he always fails to meet the target. The guarantee of basic salary, promotional bonuses and recognizing the co-worker will enhance his job satisfaction and therefore committing to the company.

Third, the manager should motivate the employee to improve his performance; there are various ways of employee motivation. For example, the supervising manager should ensure that Elvis is empowered by giving him more say in how to do his job. The manager can ask his input and get input on how to enhance the performance.

Lastly, job security is vital and therefore, the company should make sure that it employee that sale person permanently. In this situation, the senior management should cancel the contract and put him on the payroll.

Elvis is not a problem that can fix to some extent since he is an employee of the company and hence part of the workforce. Thus, the company management should embark on recruiting competent salesperson on a permanent basis to avoid such future incidences.The qualified employees would work professionally so as they are fully committed to their duties.

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