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A person who specializes in installing repair and maintaining of heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is regarded to as HVAC technician. HVAC is technology whose target is to achieve environmental comfort in buildings and also vehicles by regulating temperatures and humidity through the use of fresh air out doors. A competent HVAC technician should have adequate knowledge in piping, wiring, troubleshooting and also controls. However, while HVAC technicians are carrying out their installation and maintenance their safety is paramount. Below are some of the actions that should be undertaken to ensure their safety.

First, the use of protective gear is the basic step towards achieving safety. This includes: respirator to avoid breathing polluted air, goggles for eye protection, gloves, shoes which are slip resistant and a helmet. Depending on how the environment is ear plugs could be required in a noisy environment. Secondly it is important for a HVAC technician to identify hazards in the place they are carrying out maintenance and installations. The technician can easily do this by assessing what he is up against and in turn come up with measures to be able to overcome what is hazardous (Florida Technical College,2017). The HVAC technician should also have appropriate tools to tackle the job in hand. Some of the tools required in this field include leak detector, anemometer, vacuum gauge, wrenches and wire strippers among others since of the wrong tools to do the job could lead to injuries. Finally, HVAC technicians should be cautious enough to avoid electrocution. In many instances during repair there might be leaked liquids which could be in contact with live wires. This could lead to the person being electrocuted or equipment malfunction. To be able to avoid this it is good to switch off circuit breakers where it is possible(OSHA,2017).

To be able to ensure safety among the trainees during the training sessions the trainer should first familiarise the trainees with the tools and what is the purpose of each and every tool. This will enable them to know how to handle the tools as instructed in the respective user manuals. They will also be able to use the right tool for the right job to avoid injuries. The trainer should also insist that the trainees should always wear the appropriate safety gear when they are undertaking practical training. This should be persistently done to ensure the trainees have the same attitude even at other work places. The trainer can also go an extra mile and show the trainees HVAC related injuries so as to minimise negligence and carelessness from them (OSHA,2017).

Enabling the employees to identify various hazardous situations and like chemical, liquid or gas leakages and electrical problems. They should be also trained how to handle them appropriately so as to avoid incompetence which can lead to injuries (Florida Technical College,2017).Safety practices should be built into every adult training event concerning HVAC. Failure to undertake the necessary safety procedure could result to serious conditions like blindness, being maimed or even result to death. Such instances could affect the house holds of the affected parties for example bring grief, trauma and unhealthy financial status among others.

In an organisation, the top-level management should be the appropriate faculty to sign off the safety considerations in ones training course because the safety of a person should always be paramount in whatever activities the undertake and if a problem emerges, it is the top management that is answerable.



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