Presentation Proposal: Importance of Handwashing in Child Care to Prevent the Spread of Infections

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Introduction and Choosing a Topic

The topic of my community outreach program is Importance of handwashing child care to prevent the spread of infections. My main motive in coming up with this topic was due to rising infection of bacterial diseases. I had read on broad topics such as Outbreak of bacteria disease on children. I realized that I had the passion to help in solving the problem and decided to concentrate on the importance of hand washing on children to prevent the spread of disease. The major rise in children being admitted to hospitals and death led me to research on the possible ways to prevent the outbreak of the disease (Ibfelt, Engelund, Schultz & Andersen, 2017). I realized that children between the ages of 3- 10 years would innocently eat any food before washing hands or wash their hands in the wrong way. In doing my research, I learned that children were comfortable taking foods by their hand rather than a use of cutlery materials such as the spoon and a fork to aid them in eating food. After doing my research, I also realized that washing hand with soap can reduce the diarrhea-associated deaths by 50% and respiratory problems by 16%. In my research, I learned that absenteeism due to infection stood at 19.8% among 18 elementary schools and 7000 students (Puenpa et al., 2017). Based on my curiosity and passion on why absent seem in elementary was significantly high, I decided to concentrate on Importance of hand washing child care to prevent the spread of infection.

Why is this a good choice for an educational presentation?

My main aim of addressing this education program is outreaching every parent, teachers, and children Guidant to be well aware on ways to prevent the outbreak of diseases. One of the primary objectives is to instill in the children the need to wash their before they prepare to take any meal by using water and anti-bacterial soap (Ibfelt, Engelund, Schultz & Andersen, 2017). Such measure would prevent the outbreak of diseases in children by 50%. Children will be able to attend classes with a clean bill of health and even prevent hospital bills by simple measures such as regularly washing hands.

It is common for parents and Guidant to believe that their children are old enough to efficiently wash their hands in the right manner before taking their meals. However, that not the case since children washes their hands in a rush to feed their hungry stomach. To prevent such mistakes, the parents should step by step guide them on how to wash their hands to help them put off the bacteria in their hands. However, upon the infection of any dirt-related bacteria, symptoms such pain in the stomach and diarrhea should not be ignored to avoid the situation becoming fatal. Upon following these measure, it is evident that every family will have a happy bacteria-free life (Sacri et al., 2017).

Who is the target audience?

The targeted audience is parents, teachers, and Guidant who happen to be around the children during their day to day life situations. This educational program will educate the parents on the need to follow up when their children are washing their hands to prevent bacteria-related disease as well understand the symptoms that are seen when their children are infected with bacteria-related ailments such as stomach ache and diarrhea (Allegranzi et al., 2017). Teachers too who plays a more prominent part in children development are a target audience since they will help in teaching the students the importance of washing their hand before taking any meal and also educate them on the consequence of not washing their hands before any meal.

Plan of Presentation

In an aim of convincing my audience on the need of their children washing their hands, I would briefly bring the topic of bacteria-related diseases and their consequences and the prevailing rate of absentees of children in school that 18% of elementary schools with 7000 students. After that, I would encourage the parents to observe cleanliness to their children more saw their washing hands habits. I will insist on creating a lesson on hand washing in children in their schools to help them understand the importance of washing their hands. It will be significant if the proposal remains entertaining, educative and relevant to the parents, teachers, and Guidant. I would also provide a narrated presentation to enable the parents, and teachers get to understand the symptoms of bacteria-related disease upon noticing them on children. This proposal is all about acknowledging the importance of hand washing childcare to prevent infection of the virus.


I will need the help of my group to finalize the presentation which is well formulated, structured and easy to understand to all its readers. The topic on hand washing on children is an important topic that needs to be addressed since the prevalence proves that a significant number of children are absent in schools as a result of bacteria-related diseases. Not only will this presentation be essential to the children but to the parents and teachers who sometimes assume their hands are clean. With the assistance of my group, I can quickly present my issue to the community at large so that absentees in schools and death related diseases can easily be prevented.



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