Healthcare as a Business

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Quality Metrics/ indicators

The data information is about the effectiveness of the quality being received, access initiative as well as safety. The indicators under this category would include.

Patient Satisfaction and Engagement.

Rate of Readmission for the particular illnesses

Employees response to the patients.

The dashboard metrics are usually meant for streamlining and maximizing the flow of the patient through the business at the same time accessing revenue. Without having such systems that will track the impact of the employees and the patient, a lot of money will be left on the table or lost because of the unsatisfied patients and poor employees performance. There is no essence of increasing tariffs in the facility if the employees are not offering high-quality healthcare, with these sets of metrics the management of the hospital will be able to maximize the quality of healthcare delivery (Shaffer, J. (2017).

Operational indicators

Average number of patients attended to

Average number of patient admitted

The metrics are meant to gauge the activities in the health care services, hence determining the number of resources that the management should release in depending on the average number of patient that they are handing in a given period of time. Also, the indicator will show the peak time of operation in order to have enough staff in operation (Slee, Slee, & Schmidt, 2001).

Financial Indicators

Revenue generated by department

Revenue generated per doctor

Expenses per department/ doctor

While drilling down into this information as well as cross-referencing it against the Utilization Metrics stated above, the management of the facilities together with the decision makers can easily gauge the increase the profitability through expanding the most profitable channels of the business (Shaffer, J. (2017).

Satisfaction indicators

Average waiting time

To see a doctor

To get a treatment

When being in operation as a business, one of the prevalent factors that need to be fulfilled is delivery of satisfactory services to the clients. This indicator is much significant in determining whether the services that are being offered are appreciated with the patients. Normally, the patients needs to be attended to without further hesitation to avoid further complication in their health. This indicator will show how much satisfied are the patient, this way the management and the decision makers of the health facility will be able to determine whether there is need of increasing the resources or manpower to meet their patients expectations (Cynthia McKinney, FHIMSS & Ray Hess, 2012).



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