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The various guidelines of evidence-based practice have helped to outline parameters that have helped in the provision of quality care to help in the improvement of health conditions of those suffering from ESRD and who are undergoing hemodialysis. The guidelines have played a great role, the CMS has played a critical role in the improvement of quality through encouraging adequacy of hemodialysis, vascular access type, and the reduction of complications related to vascular access. Hemodialysis adequacy helps in the elimination of waste products, uremic toxins, excess fluids, and solutes from the body of people suffering from ESRD. Achieving proper hemodialysis vascular access is key to the achievement of proper dialysis in the human body. The improved vascular access helps in the reduction of mortality rate, and the efforts that the United States has taken towards the same has helped in the improvement of quality care.

The difference in the patient care in the hemodialysis units are due to several factors among them being lack of proficiency skills, lack of relevant training and knowledge, and the inability to have an agreement on the right protocols and policies. Studies confirm that having the right education on vascular access and preservation helps in the improvement of quality care for the patients and lead to the reduction in the cases of ESRD. Education plays a critical role in that it creates awareness and helps medical professionals to make proper use of EBP guidelines to improve the quality of care for patients that suffer from ESRD hence help in the improvement of outcomes. Improvement of vascular access calls for the establishment of quality assurance which helps in tracking the rates of complications and relevant outcomes from treatment programs.

One of the major aims of the study is to evaluate the staff knowledge in the hemodialysis units before and after an educational intervention relating to national guidelines for proper management of vascular access. The other aim of the article is to carry out an analysis and examine the relationship between adherence to clinical guidelines and knowledge of patients, self-confidence, and beliefs of the staff that takes care of patients in the hemodialysis units. The other aim of the study is to carry out an analysis and determination of the effects of vascular access on educational programs for the improvement of the adequacy of dialysis in the modern society. The final aim is to carry out an evaluation of the effectiveness of educational programs and their role in the enhancement of adherence, knowledge and the performance on hemodialysis unit patients.

To carry out a proper examination of the same, the paper examines various theories related to the same and how they affect proper medical processes in the healthcare units. The methods carried out in the process are guided by the TRA/PB where a pre/post questionnaire design is used. The findings reveal that proper management of vascular access plays a critical role in the provision of proper healthcare for the patients that suffer from ESRD and the same could help in the elimination of the increasing cases of death in the modern society.


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