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The standards of ethics have an influence on how the organization is conducting its business. Therefore, the ethical behavior a company poses represent the principle and values that guide and govern individuals to carry out business activities. It is the role of the organization to develop a culture internally that is reflected outwards as the ethics standards in the corporate world. Thus, it is vital to determine the influence of individuals ethics in an organization operation.

The ethical behavior of people in the organization is a critical element to building a reputation in the business world in various ways. First, it enables individuals to adhere to the rules and policies of the company. Ethical behavior ensures that employees in the enterprise can attain the goals and objectives of the organization by doing the right thing at the right time (McMurrian & Matulich, 2016). Secondly, it also ensures that the individuals can meet the standards required for quality measures. That is essential for the company in the production of goods and services to meet the standards of the market requirements. Thirdly, ethical behavior brings a positive image that is accepted by the customers. The customers can get a good impression of the business from the example displayed by employees. Thus, trust and confidence on products and services provided are quickly developed and are essential in creating the loyalty. Finally, ethics in individuals is a sign of safety among the workers. The rule of many places of work is to ensure that nobody gets hurt. Therefore, quality assurance can be managed according to the regulation and standards in operating business if the ethical behaviors are maintained.

The concern of ethics is still a major issue that keeps evolving with a new finding that is researched in studies by scholars. However, understanding how individuals make an ethical decision is imperative considering various ways that influence people both internally and externally on the choice they make. The first one is the experiences in the past that impact decisions made in the future (McMurrian & Matulich, 2016). When a given positive event has taken place, people decide according to the same reaction. Alternatively, people always do not like to repeat a mistake that occurred in the past. As a result, it describes that the decisions made in the future to be mostly based on the experiences of the past events that should not be the best alternative. In business, managers do not make decisions on the past experiences but instead decide on the choice made. The second one is the differences that exist between individuals. The social, economic and age status have an influence on making decisions. The age difference causes a decline in the cognitive functions leading to the lower performance of decisions made. Additionally, older people may believe to be more overconfidence regarding the abilities they have to decision making that may hinder the ability in strategy application. The final factor is cognitive biases when making decisions. That is because it affects individuals to over rely on the observations, which are expected from the existing knowledge while dismissing the observations recognized as uncertain and forgetting to consider the reality of what is happening.

The myth describes that the ethics in individuals is based on religious or personal beliefs and one can decide on what is wrong or right from their private conscience. There are various ways in which myth may affect the decision making in organizations. Firstly, leaders believe that being ethical is not easy. It avoids the nature of surrounding that is complex when making moral decisions. These decisions are pretty simple in that individuals do not know when they have an ethical choice (Neubert, Wu, & Roberts, 2013). Thus, people may not be aware of the proper scope of things they get involved. Secondly, business ethics are recognized as a religion rather than management. The myth state that there is a belief where ethics is a way of altering the values of people. However, there is a difference in reality, which defines the culture of ethics that manage the values between a company and individuals in handling any conflict that may affect the business operation. Thirdly, hiring should only be on ethical people, so time on ethics in business is not required. It is a way to avoid developing policies and practices that are ethical. The examples are on the way customers are handled on payments or in a sophisticated means of the choices made when there is a conflict between the company and the client's interest. Finally, behaviors of unethical measures in business is an example of a few bad apples. That is a mythical understanding, but in reality, most of them take place because individual tolerates them in the existing environment. In ethics, those who tend to follow what they are told are the right people since they will do it without having anything in mind about implications of standards.

Ethical decisions are important for a business to provide a guideline on how things are managed and run in the organization. That is the reason why it is necessary to determine the various ways to make them. The first one is to create ethics code and ensure to consult. Putting a system that is formal assist the business and employees in making decisions quickly by following the rules and regulations required and accepted by everyone. The second one is the consideration of the impacts on decisions towards the stakeholder. Most of the decisions are made to express an issue such as the growth of revenue control, cost among others. It is vital to identify and recognize the implications for the people involved in the management and those doing the business and justify the effects (Neubert et al., 2013). The third one is the use of regulations in the industry as the beginning point to consider making decisions. That is because most industries are regulated more often to ensure that the operations of the companies are entirely ethical in nature. Thus, there is a minimum requirement to meet to start operating. However, some companies run their business activities in a legal boundary, which are still accepted even though unethical. The final one is the reviewing of the past result in the decisions made. That assist to identify the past mistakes and capitalize on them to optimize of decisions that have positive results. As a fact, no one can have a right choice at all times but making decisions that are consistency in regards to ethics is possible.

Conclusively, ethics is a concern not only to business alone but also to individuals managing the business operations. That is the reason why appropriate measures should be put in place to come up with best alternative actions that accommodate all the stakeholders in the organization. Likewise, the understanding of myths is essential for the firm. It assists in distinguishing the imagination and the reality of the way things happen. Further, the way ethics influence individuals both internally and externally is a vital element to factor with the evolving nature that varies in experience, age and the cognitive life of people. Additionally, from the quick test based on ethical decision making, I believe that individuals can base their religious or personal beliefs to decide on what is wrong or right from their private conscience.


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