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2.2 Does your micro organization achieve excellence?

Based on its progress, turning from a generation to a holding, it is clear that the organization has achieved paramount growth. In particular, the organization has managed to convince its stakeholders, most especially its shareholders that it is excellence can be coined from how it does its business, profitability and more so elements such as technology, human resources, and departmental integration. As an assistance manager, I managed to link between top and bottom of the organization. This gave me a higher command in understanding the organization framework, for instance, how departments linked with each other. In this case, the organization has managed to utilize its growth framework to reflect on the much needed corporate structure. For example, the organization has managed to have integrated human resources, one that is composed of an expatriate.

2.3 How the micro-organization does achieve organization's excellence?

My micro-organization of finance human resource and logistics has managed to relate with the overall organizational excellence based on the vital degree that three departments play. First, the micro-organization feeds the larger organization with the much-needed service of human resources, as well as finance. Without the two, the entire production cannot function. My work, in particular, has been overseeing the recruitment of the relevant candidates, based on the different skills assigned to me. Also, as part of the micro-organization strategy, an important role of finance has continuously equipped the organization with the right financial tools. In the light, the micro-organization has produced the 3rd most important vice president, the Chief Financial Officer.

2.4 How organization achieved excellence?

Based on the input that the micro-organization has been providing to the overall organization, it has been possible to achieve excellence. The overall organization has managed to the achieve growth through the different metrics, such as production, information technology, mainstream technology, however, the role played by finance, sales, and human resource logistics cannot be ignored primarily because of the justified organizational goals being registered.

The metrics used to measure the organization success are variables of profits, inputs, and outputs. To determine the success of the organization one can use the key performance metric. The key performance metrics are important because it helps in crafting the strategic planning process which helps in identifying the specific business goals. Hassan (p.11) conclusions on strategic planning state the importance of the strategic planning, with facilitating the growth of the orientation inside as correlated within the organization. The results of this study were done using SPSS, which provided the right multivariate results. Armed with such a practical procedures, I undertook the same strategy to determine how Banaja achieved profits. To determine the operating profit, a computed several variables generated from subsequent years income statements, finally arriving at a conclusion that the organization was profitable. We then focus on the external and other income which are largely net interests income and expenses that help in subtracting the minority of interests making it possible to arrive at the operating profit. We finally determine profit by adding external to sales.

Clearly, the results from the SPSS will indicate a positive. In this case, the GE analysis helps in determining the possible activities that can be tracked and improved. As a fundamental level of this performance, we can consider the need to integrate the GEO experiences with the drivers of performance. In this case, the goals are met through the right satisfaction of personal and group for strong incentives and the possible performance (Becker et al., pp, 938-941). As well, it is possible to determine the performance based on the significant level of management which might reflect on the specific level of the company. However, the three only provide technical to the finance department, by far larger other metrics do count largely to the organizational development.

2.5 Mission and Vision

2.5.1 Organization Vision

To bring an effective and innovative states of the art medical technology

2.5.2 Organization Mission

The organization seeks to provide state of the art technology and key solution to the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council (, 2017). As well, evaluate on the changes on the market needs which requires the organization adopt to the changing demands while continuously enrich the organization to focus in assessing a number of corporate assets.

3.0 Stakeholder Analysis

3.1 Who are the Stakeholder

There are various stakeholders that need to be empowered for the general results to be achieved in a much faster way. There are different groups of stakeholders, with the two primary categories being an internal and external stakeholder. Internal stakeholder was largely employees, managers, shareholders and the board of directors. They can further be categorized as peers, reports, work team and bosses. External stakeholder is entities within the business itself but are not affected by the performance of the company. These include consumers, authorities, suppliers, partners and the investors. Clearly, my main aim is to empower internal stakeholders. In this sense, we will focus on the ability to make the internal stakeholder meet the external stakeholder. I leading the Finance, Sales and Human resources logistic departments, the goal is to ensure that the best output is achieved. Most importantly, the RD is the most vital and the essentially the most critical. The goal is to direct finances on projects being crafted at the RD level.  As such, it will be possible to empower this stakeholder to understand the environment surrounding the business.

3.2 Organizational Details

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