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History and Ownership: By understanding ownership as responsibility, control of results and the means to achieve them, it is said that a centralized ownership of the organization tends to create high power environment, where resources are controlled (Faihan, 2014). For their part, the old organizations tend to be structured with high control and well-concentrated levels of power.

The structure and internal organization: there are organizations whose structure is vertical, authoritarian and bureaucratic, but there are others that are horizontal, democratic and dynamic (Lund, 2013). From one end to the other there are variants that are determined not only by organizational cultural aspects but also by the personal seal that a leader or leader can bring, as the case may be.

Hierarchical relationships or managerial styles: An organization can have a simple hierarchical structure, with two or three levels, or a complex multilevel structure (Elamin and Tlaiss, 2015). The way these levels are related and, added to it, the style that their bosses or leaders print will determine a cultural dynamic in the company that is expressed in ways of directing employees, organizing tasks, leadership, etc. And vice versa, it will also determine a correspondence of attitudes on the part of the employees towards the leaders or leaders, as the case may be.

Size: A large organization tends to have a well-defined structure, precise controls, each member has a clear vision of their responsibilities. A small company provides greater flexibility, as well as an outstanding effort of each of its members.

Technology: This plays an essential role in the development of companies. In organizations with a very changing environment requires very clear sources of power as well as a certain degree of individualism to meet these challenges.

Goals and objectives: The objectives of a company vary according to the strategies (Cameron and Quinn, 2011).

The staff: It is a resource of great importance. The possibility of changing the culture of an organization will depend on the characteristics of its members. It means that each person accepts, but modifies their culture.


For any organization to retain its market share or expand it further, then it is essential for it to establish and cultivate the best organizational culture. This culture must be in such a way that it brings out the best of the employees and promotes good relations between the management and the employees. An organizations culture affects the performance and the commitment of the employees towards the organization. The culture of the good system should be flexible, and this is to ensure that the working environment for the workers is appropriate and they can work efficiently and independently without feeling that they are being overburdened or misused in any way. Each company wants the employees to be committed, and this is because the productivity and performance of the company are going to increase significantly.


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