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Etisalat provides a wide range of services to its customers most of which is the access to the internet. As we have known, the internet is considered as a global interconnecting system used by millions of people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ("Etisalat - Company Profile - Company Profile", 2017). This system links a vast electronic, networking and wireless technologies. This paper examines the characteristics of the media outlet used by Etisalat to communicate to its customers on this issue. It will also examine the characteristics of all the internet users who are those individuals who require the access to the internet from any device such as mobile phones and computers

I choose online campaign because it can be used to reach a large number of people. Etisalat implements online campaigns in a variety of ways. Online campaigns is very passive and it also helps the company to reach every customer with internet access. The company will not require the customers phone numbers, rather the internet will help them expose the message to a large population and more so the young population who makes the largest users of the internet ("The Advantages of Online Campaigning", 2017).

Communication Situation

The company is offering amazing high speed access to the internet and allows its customers to brows as faster as never before. Etisalat company is offering its customers a chance to a chance to stream online videos with a speed of up to 500 Mbps across homes and any other location. Across all families and workers who are determined to connect with families, friends, visitors and coworkers, Etisalat is going to be the major provider of internet access.

The audience will involve all internet users who are subscribed to Etisalat internet services. These internet users have the following characteristics.

Firstly, internet users are young and affluent. Somewhat the greater part internet users have no children and are living at home, recommending the probability that a number of these young and well-off purchasers have more cash flow to spend on expensive things, for example, cars, travel, and entertainment.

Secondly, along with the lines of youthful and rich, this group of onlookers is additionally more inclined to pay for higher estimated things, for example, vehicles. As per a similar review, those purchasers who get to the Internet using a cell phone are 32% more prone to win more than $75,000 in yearly family pay, and 60% more probable than the all-inclusive community to procure more than $150,000 in family pay. Moreover, one in ten expressed they anticipate obtaining a vehicle estimated over $30,000 inside the following 12 months, assume that is 49% higher when contrasted with the overall public (Aspray & Ceruzzi, 2008).

Thirdly, internet users are influential. In the event, customized correspondences, publicists will likewise think that its engaging that versatile internet users will probably impact others and take part in web-based social networking. In this manner, there is a potential for achieving easy and reliable media communication. Also, they are considered as pioneers who can impact others to attempt several products and services through the reliable means of media communication.

Fourthly, they are highly mobile. Internet users are more likely to be domestic hair travelers compared to the general public. Furthermore, if the\y are not traveling by air, they are either spending more time driving.

Lastly, they are deal conscious. Since many retailers have begun to use online marketing as a means of growing their marketing environment, internet consumers end up utilizing online purchase of goods and services than any other group ("Five Characteristics of Mobile Internet Users || The Media Audit", 2017).

Background of the message

The background o the message is that Internet users on Etisalat's network system provider are griping of the slow and delayed access to online websites, a circumstance that is believed to exist because of the telecom supplier's overhaul of its fiber-optic system.

Etisalat clients from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah have been encountering relentless disturbances to their web services, with issues getting to Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, among different locales. They are likewise experiencing problems exchanging online data, documents and playing games on the web.

Network availability issues have additionally influenced Etisalat clients in Sharjah. Internet users are dependent on the net and utilize it to discover relevant data," said Syed Rehman, a 40-year-old Pakistani manager who works at a travel organization in the emirate. Normally, when a system is updated from a link based framework to a fiber-optic system, as Etisalat's has been, there will be network availability issues.

According to research, the last significant interruption to web access happened in 2008 between January 23 and February 4 when five fast submerged correspondences link cables were disjoined by ships anchors, causing across the board blackouts all through the Middle East (George-Cosh, 2017).

The Channel through which Etisalat used to send this message

Etisalat implements the use of Instant Messaging (IM) to send the message to all internet users across the UAE. With its use, An IM channel benefit and empowers you to make a sort of private online chat with another person keeping in mind the end goal to impart continuously over the Internet. Normally, the IM framework alarms you at whatever point some person on your pal or contact rundown is on the web. You can then start a chat session with that particular person.

One reason that IM has turned out to be so prevalent is its ongoing nature. Not at all like email, where you will sit tight for the beneficiary to check his or her email and send an answer, if a man you need to reach is on the web and accessible in your IM contact list, your message shows up right away in a window on their screen (Next generation messaging over IMS, 2012).

While IM is utilized by a large number of Internet clients to contact family and companions, it's likewise developing in prominence in the business world. Representatives of an organization can have moment access to supervisors and collaborators in various workplaces and can wipe out the need to place telephone calls when data is required quickly. By and large, IM can spare time for workers and help diminish the measure of cash a business spends on correspondences.

Encoded message

Etisalat is conducting a first live trial of 5G internet connection on mobile devices to improve on the existing services and to make additional high speed access that support a large number of connections. Etisalat wants to encourage its customers to be patient in the ongoing technical problem of slow internet and make them informed that the issue is being solved.

Source of noise

Etisalat Company should sets the clients Instant Messaging carefully, the information might be sent to anyone. Because of this, most people find instant messaging annoying and will always tend to ignore the information ("Instant messaging vulnerability", 2002).

For it to work effectively, Etisalat would need to send adverts which includes popup windows to each of their customers. Some internet users are subscribed to premium services and therefore will not receive this information.

Message influence on society

A large portion of this message has significant capacities that incorporate texts. Texts enable at least two online gatherings to take part in correspondence. Also, it enables individuals to import documents to their associates by sending the records specifically through IM windows. Because of this, having a discussion through the medium (IM) that could bring about the misconception of contradicted member message because of the absence of non-verbal dialect (Xiang, 2004). Because of that, the message has a tendency to be more open amid the discussion in IM contrasted with talking over a telephone. It is because talking through IM medium is more unwind and does not require outward appearance that makes awkward feeling for those clients who absence of social aptitudes. This is because Arabs tend to be relaxed on timing, the use of instant messaging might find several other internet users not interested with the information accompanied by the message.


Etisalat customers have been faced with issues related to slow internet connections. The company is concerned about this incidence and have been receiving numerous complaints from different internet subscribers. With this, the company stands a chance to lose a large number of customers. To help in retaining its customers. Etisalat has implemented the use of encoded messaging to communicate to its customers on this matter. Through using instant messaging to pass this information, the company has the need to study the characteristics of its internet users to ensure that the message is effective. References

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