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1.Describe the reasons why you want to join this program?

I am writing this letter to inform you of my sincere intentions to join the leadership program that you are offering in your institution. I believe the leadership program will have a significant effect on my career development and future endeavors. The reason I would like to join the leadership program is that I want to transform my life to one that caters to the needs of the community by helping them achieve their goals. The lessons and skills that I will obtain after the end of the program will help me to have a different opinion towards life and assist me in maximizing efficiency and achieving personal goals via helping the community. Additionally, I envision myself one day leading an organization that will hire employees from various locations.

The leadership program will provide me with the leadership skills and the psychology needed for leadership. I am eager to learn and practice all the steps and skills required to make me a successful leader in the future. I also want to join this program to become a mirror of success to my siblings at home and from my community. My community lacks individuals who have occupied various leadership roles, and I believe it is the high time for a change to happen in our community where there will be a leader who will serve as a motivation to the students in schools and the whole society. My desire to join this leadership program originates from my belief that people who occupy leadership roles have the privilege to connect with other individuals in leadership roles where they exchange ideas and opinions. I want to become a successful leader so that I can have the opportunity to interact with other leaders from various parts of the world and learn life and business tips from them.

2. Describe how this program will contribute and support your overall career development?

The leadership program will influence my career development significantly. The course will enable me to understand and appreciate my career no matter the challenges. The program will instill in me the knowledge and the importance of understanding the needs of the employees and the society. I will learn the means that a leader should use to treat employees and the community. I will learn motivational strategies that I can use to motivate employees in an organization. Moreover, the leadership skills that I will acquire from the program will be helpful in enlightening me of the need to put myself in the shoes of an employee to better understand their needs. Employees undergo various stressful situation be it strict rules, long working hours, and minimal pay. Putting myself in their position will enable me to understand their grievances and propose strategies that a leader can utilize to mitigate such issues in an organization. The program will allow me to prepare myself for the challenges ahead and provide me with the skills for mitigating such problems from arising in the future. Leaders are required to make sound decisions for their businesses; this is a challenge because one has to be creative enough to formulate and announce a decision that will be of help to the organization. The program will serve as a stepping-stone towards molding me to become a successful leader in the future. The leadership program will also help me to focus on my career by setting up objectives and short-term goals. The success story that will culminate due to the lessons learned in the program will enable me to motivate the young generation to pursue their careers with passion and aspire to become leaders in the future. I will provide mentorship to interested learners who would like to follow my path of leadership.

3. Describe your personal vision and your strategic objectives over the next 5 years?In the next five years, I envision myself having set up my IT Company that will provide essential solutions to various problems such as networking, app development, and website development among others. I have several strategic objectives that I would like to be met in the next five years, and they include the development of competitive industry products that will place my company to a higher level of competition. I want to design the best leadership program for my company and set up long-term goals and objectives that will help my business begin the journey to join the Fortune 500 companies. After the five years, I want to have a reliable financial, non-stop growth, and adaptable plan that I will adhere to help my business go public and join the list of well-known companies.


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