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Corby wines and spirits is a premier wines and spirits distributor in Canada. The Canadian company has grown in leaps and bound since its inception in the year 1859 in Corbyville , Ontario. Corby spirits and wines is one of the publicly traded companies listed on Canadas Toronto Stock Exchange using the trading symbols CSW.A and CSW.B. The company has a wide range of wines and liquor in its portfolio. For example, the company deals in local and imported wines and spirits include Canadian, Irish and scotch whiskies, cognac, and brandy. The companys compelling assortment of whites spirits include Absolut vodka, Avion Beefeater Lamb's and Olmeca Altos. The range of liqueur collection include Malibu, Caribbean rum and choc chock. The companys assortment of wines and champagne both imported and local can appeal to any demographic segment.

The company may be a small company owing to its small workforce, but it is also the most profitable company in the midsized companies categories. With a workforce of only 310 people, the company success can be attributed to its core values, excellent leadership and key pillar of capital planning and execution. The company is also known for its corporate social responsibility, wide range of highly selected local and internationally recognized brands (products) and visionary leadership. One of the key strength of the companys is its leadership that has ensured its growth from only two employees to 310 full time employees, extensive distribution network and strategic use of CSR and technology to drive growth and revenue

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company usually gives back to the community that serves it. The company understands that the community is its principal source of revenue and workforce. In the spirit of CSR, the companys CSR initiatives include working with the communities, partnering with the customers and supporting its employees. The companys core values is responsibility as it ensures that it conducts its businesses or operations in a socially responsible manner.

By acknowledgin the impact of its operations on the environment, the company constantly and volunteer to implement actions aimed at improving and promoting responsible consumption, respect for its environment as well as community engagement in its services. The company has openly acknowledged the importance of corporate social responsibility by leveraging the worlds established bets practices of CSR. The company engages the service of Pernod Ricards expertise and resources to give back to the community.

Responsible Consumption

The company is a leading distributor of liqueurs, wines and spirits. However the company has often engaged in a wide range of sensitization campaigns to promote responsible consumption of alcohol. From billboards, to brochures to conferences and public debates, the company educates the communities or consumers of the benefits responsible drinking and the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol.


The companys products range are mainly dependent on natural resources such as clean water, fertile farmland for grains production and energy to drive the manufacturing plans. The company therefore ensures that its operations are environmentally friendly. For example, the company engages in energy conservation, water management and environmental protection. The company also support and funds a wide range of local initiatives engaged in environmental conservation.

Community Development

From its employees to the community that lives in the catchment areas, the company ensures that constructive suggestions are funded. The company usually support community volunteer work, charitable causes as well as sustainability initiatives in its catchment areas that are aligned with the CSR mission, goals and strategies. The companys budgetary allocation for CSR is increased yearly in line with the companys fundamental core values.

Product Quality

One of the main goals, for any organization, is to ensure that they provide quality products for their customers. Due to the increased competition in the Wines and Spirit business environment, Corby Spirit and Wine has tried to ensure that research on new ways of delivery quality products to their customers. As such, the company has invited a huge amount of its resource in carrying out intensive research on how they could improve on their products in the future.

According to the company's portfolio, it has carried out various training programs as a way of ensuring that staff is better skilled for their gives roles. Also, the company has hired professionals from different parts of the world to improve their quality. The company believes that through the quality of their products, they will be able to venture into different markets.

In the past, the wines and spirit business was not well recognized in different parts of the country. Such issues were because alcohol was highly discouraged among the people. However, in the 21 century, more people are becoming more engaged with the wines and spirit business due to the high demands of the market. For Corby Spirit and Wine, to continue remaining relevant in the market, it has employed a various business strategy of ensuring good product quality.

One of the strategies that Corby Spirit and Wine has used it to use the use social media and try to get the opinion of their customers. The social media has transformed the way business is conducted in the modern world. It allows the manufacture to interact with their customers from different parts of the country. In fact, it is established that millions of people around the world have easy access to social media compared to other channels of advertisement. Based on that, Corby Spirit and Wine has tried to use that opinion to ensure that continues to deliver good product quality to their customers. Through such opinions, they can identify the areas that they need to improve.

The use of modern technology has also made it possible for Corby Spirit and Wine to deliver quality products to their customers. It is certain that the wines and spirit business require certain types of equipment which is very expensive. Some companies have opted for the cheap product which does not give recommends products. However, due to the high capital, the company can afford the modern types of equipment in that market.

The company has also employed highly skilled workers who are professional when it comes to product delivery. According to the business reports, employees are the best resources for any organization. It is the responsibility of such employees to ensure that better products are sold to the customers. In that light, the company has tried to outsource staffs from different parts of the company to ensure better product quality.

Corby Spirit and Wine hire an outside to investigate who will determine the quality of their product. It has been established that such move is to ensure that they are not compromised in any way. Through hiring an outside party, the person would be able to carry out that work without favoring the company products. As such, the management will also identify that areas that they need to improve in the future.

Regarding product quality, Corby Spirit and Wine has tried to compare their products with other locals in the market. As such, they have merged with some of the companies in other parts of the company which is producing similar products but of better quality. The aspect of merging is to ensure that they could also use the idea of other companies to better on their product. Based on the statistics carried out by the government regarding the industry of wines and Spirit, Corby Spirit and Wine was found to have some of the best products in the market, placing ahead of the rest. Such aspect leads to the company winning various business awards which also increased the faith of their customers in them. When it comes to the wines and spirit business, customers are very keen on the type of company they deal with due to trust issues. In the past, it has been reported that some companies have sold illegal drinks to consumers which it has affected them. In that light, it has made consumers to research on companies with a good reputation like Corby Spirit and Wine. Such actions have boosted the company sales over the years.

Some of the companys products are unique in the market. Many people criticized its move of trying to introduce new products which the consumers were not familiar with in the first place. However, the company believed that it would give their customers a wide range of products for them to select. In the recent years, many of the companys products are performing very well in the market including some of the brands such as Cabot Trail which was introduced recently.

Also, the move was to ensure that they become pace setters in the market when it comes to introducing new products. The new business reports showed that consumers prefer trying something new in the market. As such, the consumers will want to try some of the new brands that the company has introduced over the years. Due to the good reputation that Corby Spirit and Wine has had over the years, the customers could easily associate themselves with any products that the company produces.

In the recent years, the company has introduced performance measurement benchmarks that tend to monitor their products quality. The department is responsible for counter checking the products quality on a monthly basis. It was indicated that the company manufactures a lot of their products on a daily basis. In that light, if they do not check if the quality remains the same for a certain period, many of their products might go to waste which would be a major loss for the company. Based on that, the people involved with that department must ensure that everything runs smoothly so that it doesnt affect the product quality.

Another way that the company has maintained the product quality for all those years is through motivating their employees. Based on their reports, the management of Corby Spirit and Wine has invested in various ways of motivating the employees to perfume even better. The aspect of product quality majorly relays on the work of the employees. They can either decide to carry out their functions as stipulated or ignore. The best way that the company has ensured to motive their employee is through salary increment for some of the best performing staffs. As such, it has motivated other to perfume better on their roles which have a significant benefit to the companys product.

Vision and Future Growth

Today, Corby Spirit and Wine represents many of the 25 top-selling barns in Canada. The company has also expanded its market in Europe, USA and other international market such as Australia. One of the visions of the company is to become the leading wines and spirits brand in the world. As such, the company is trying to venture into a new market such as China although it has not been successful. It was established that they faced stiff competition from some of the local brand in China. However, it was established that could market their product through their initial markets.

One of the future growth is also to open its brands in African and Asia has it has one of the highest population the world. Based on the reports, the company is trying to use the social media to reach out to new customers in different parts of the world. The social media tend to create a good platform for many business sectors. What is more, Corby Spirit and Wines planning to venture into the charitable organization as one of its marketing strategies. It is easy for a company to gain wide recognition for such charitable programs. Another future growth that company is planning is to increase the...

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