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What is the basic strategy that Nucor Corporation seems to be using to achieve their mission? Relate this to the five basic strategies that your book mentions.

From the introduction, it has been stated that Nucor Corporation was regarded as regarded as a low-cost provider by the year 2013. During 2000 Nucor Corporation a growth strategy which comprised of upgrading its plant with the aim of increasing quality while reducing cost.

What is/are the source(s) of competitive advantage for Nucor?

The sources of the competitive strategy are the production capacity of Nucor. When other companies were failing, the company was developing by purchasing production capacity from other firms at the lowest price. In a period of twelve years, the company expanded its facilities from 15 to 200 facilities and 60% these facilities are located near rivers, and large bodies of water and this enhances easy transportation to the international market at a lower price. Also, the company has an integrated background that reduces the costs of raw material through a production of a portion of its iron requirement. The company has maintained pace with the frequent changes in technology and incorporated some of these changes in its operation to enhance production efficiency, reduce cost and improve the quality. The employee relations is high, and the company has focused on manufacturing a full broad range of products.

What is your assessment of Nucors financial performance over the last seven years? How strong is the companys financial position?

The financial position has not been stable for the past seven years, and experienced loss in 2009 and 2019. However, the companys financial position is thriving in the recent past as it has reported the profit.

Does Nucor have any core or distinctive competencies? If so, what are they?

Nucor has pursued and invested aggressively in technology to enhance efficiency. The management has focused on in investing and training of its managers and the staffs.

What are the most important issues that Nucor management needs to address?

Competition from the foreign market that has inhibited the company from competing on a global scale. Foreign companies that aggressively compete through offering lower prices on domestic market since they receive government subsidies. From the article, the largest exporter and producers of steel are China, and these companies have the support they need from the government.

Apple case study

What are the chief elements of Apples overall competitive strategy? What are Apples source(s) of competitive advantage?

Apple has focused on innovation as a key driving force and frequently look forward to the next big thing. Apple has also focused on product differentiation and set itself from other multinational corporation such as Microsoft and Sony. Apple has concentrated on developing many products that all work together with their competitors. Also, Apple has a protected ecosystem as they develop devices that run i0S as compared to various manufacturers that produce devices that use Google and support different operating system. As such, the customers are willing to remain within the Apples Ecosystem of Apple and maintain digital purchases another competitive advantage is the brand appeal as Apple has been considered as luxury brands. Also, Apple pricing strategy further plays an essential role in the success of the company. The company is known for high-quality products that provide abilities above and beyond that of its competition.

What is your assessment of Apple Computers financial performance from 2007 through 2011? (Use some of the financial ratios of profitability, liquidity, leverage, and activity in Table 4.1 in chapter 4 of the text as a guide in doing your financial analysis). Yes, I mean use a spreadsheet and calculate ratios and explain what the overall pattern of those ratios over time mean about Apples performance.

Looking at the ratios, there are differences of ratios in Apple financial statistics from 2007 until 2007. In their gross profit margin, the ratios showed that there was a decrease from 39.5% to 38.5% in 2009. However, in 2011, the gross profit margin increased, and the percentage was the highest as compared to other years. As a whole, the Apple had a poor performance in computer industry during this period.

Identify the product lines that Apple has. Do you think that the different Apple product lines are a weakness or strength? Why?

The product line for Apple includes IPhone, MacBook, and iPod. Apple product differentiation is a strength since it creates brand loyalty among customers. The company has focused on continued delivery of quality to maintain the loyalty of clients.

Which of the product lines is (are) the most important for the future of Apple. Why?

IPhone is the most vital product that is driving Apple business. Following the introduction of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The company has delivered record breaking sales and profits that have resulted in all-time high share.

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