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My goal is to increase the intake of Vitamin D and added sugar since the intake of the two are quite low. On the other hand, I intend to decrease the intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The intake of the latter is in excess as registered by the percentage difference. To meet the SMART criteria, I will increase the number of days that I have foods that are rich on Vitamin D. Initially Foods rich in Vitamin D would be taken for about four days instead of the initial two days. The amounts of intakes will be also be increased to a higher amount that the initial amount. The amounts of Vitamin D that is taken should be above to be measured so as to determine whether or not the goal has been achieved. The goals of increasing the intake of Vitamin D should be attainable. The results of how much the intake has been increased or reduced is important. A time frame that the goal, should be achieved is also an important aspect. A period should be chosen, for instance if one should make the goal time bound to known if it can be realized within a given time.

To become successful with in achieving the goal of increasing the intake of Vitamin D, strategies have to be put in place. These strategies have to be incorporated into the day to day life so as to achieve the goals intended. Vitamin D is available in various food such as chocolate milk and is also rich in fish which are natural sources. Such fish are herring , tuna, mackerel and tuna are nutritious sources of Vitamin D. Increasing the trips one talks to the market and getting a constant supply of food rich in Vitamin D i9s an important strategy. Grocerys shopping should be done frequently to ensure that the available of Vitamin d rich foods are always available.

Another important strategy of achieving the goals of correcting the Vitamin D deficit is by ensuring that one has a consistent and efficient ways of making sure the meals one take are always at their best nutritional value. This adds up to how you are prepare the food. The method through which one prepares there food is important to determine the nutritional value of the food. Some food, for instance need to be eaten raw so as to achieve the maximum nutritional output. Others such as fish have to be cooked in a certain way.

Temptations is a very important aspect when maintaining healthy eating habits. Most people why are trying to maintain a healthy diet drift from their diets and go back to eat foods that are not as healthy. The temptations to go back to unhealthy foods often come when one comes across food that they loved or preferred initially but stopped having the, so as to maintain healthy eating habits .Overcoming temptation has been by far one of the most difficult challenges to deal with when changing unhealthy diets into healthy ones. Supportive family members and friends also play a big role in ensuring that one maintains proper diet. When pone has a non-supportive company the chances that they will fall back into bad habits are quite high.

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