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I have always had a couple of questions about my diet. For a long time I did not take special considerations on my diet. Many are the times Ive got family and friends asking about my dietary habits .To me, I believe my dietary habits are usually healthy. The reasons as to why others may see my dietary habits to be different and absurd is because most people often make a big deal out proper dietary habits . Healthy diet does not always have to be overly elaborate and time consuming. In fact, my understanding of a healthy diet is that that can easily be obtained and maintained by an individual. Over the recent times, I have developed an interest in preparing meals by myself and ensuring that all meals are of optimum nutritional value .Achieving an excellent nutrition may be difficult since a good understanding of nutritional quality, quantity and efficiency have to be a focal point of every meal.

Most people find themselves having a particular pattern of eating that they adopt frequently. These patterns may be planned or may just be a coincidence depending on the lifestyle of an individual. Being a student, I often prefer eating a little bit of every meal. As much as I try make my morning meals to be the heaviest meal of the day, it becomes difficult due to my poor appetite in the morning. Most days I usually have three good meals with a period of snacks in between the meals. I start my day with breakfast at around 6-7 a.m. which is mostly a cup of low fat chocolate milk, Lipton tea or apple juice with pita bread and boiled eggs. A fruit preferably a yellow banana or a strawberry pop tart may also serve as good breakfast. At about 9-10 a.m., I usually have a snack which a pack up in the morning before leaving the house. My preferred snacks are commonly organic yellow cheese stick, apple sauce or a sweet red apple.

For lunch, I mostly have chicken kabob or turkey with either yellow rice, mashed potatoes or white bread. The dishes usually vary from day to day depending on what is available. Evening snacks of either butter milk of baklava or potato chips are usually helpful too. I also try to have dinner early at about 6-7pm which mostly consists of dessert or tabbouleh. A snack just before bed is often the last meal in a day. Of all meals I ensure that all the food I have are healthy and balanced. For vegetable, I prefer them raw while for other foods like chicken which have to be cooked I cook them myself. Cooking for oneself is therefore make it easier to satisfy ones preference. Hygiene is also achieved.

Being a student, I am not able to cook my lunch due to my schedule. For this reason I make my lunch and snacks for the day and pack them. The evening snacks are for rejuvenation after my soccer practice in the evening.

Eating healthfully becomes difficult when I develop desire for food which are considered unhealthy. Most healthy food are not necessarily appealing and most often than not do not enhance someones appetite. Getting some of the healthy foods may also be difficult to find in the market. This is due to the low demand of certain food which may only be appealing to particular groups of people.

During my childhood, I was brought up by parents who were strict on healthy eating habits. I barely had junk during my childhood. This greatly influenced my preference for balanced diet, more especially vegetables. As much as vegetables are part of my diet, meat is among my favorite foods. The foods that I have recorded in the three days are a reflection of the average typical intake of food that I have on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that most of the food that I took during the three day period was the same.

Analysis of Food Groups Report

The food groups included in excel are ideally the most nutritious of all. They consist of highly nutritious content from carbohydrates, proteins and other mineral and vitamins. However it is evident that there are a lot of deficiencies that have been realized. Deficiency in the diet are mostly in the whole grain, refined grain, fruits, vegetables and dairy. The intake of these all groups are particularly lower than the rest. The most evident deficiency is on the dairy which has a registered a deficiency of about 75%.this is attributed to the fact that milk is not one of my favorite drinks. In my family there is a history of lactose meet this deficit I would increase my intake of dairy products by adding favorites such as yogurt into my daily meals. Some of the long term consequences that may be realized are such as kwashiorkor and marasmus. On the positive, as much as the vegetable intake is slightly below the target its by quite a small range. The protein intake however greatly exceeds the target intended for protein intake but there is no harm in excess of proteins more especially since I indulge a lot on sports and therefore building of muscles is important.

Analysis of Nutrient Report.

On the nutrient report the amount of saturated fat intake was slightly above average but not alarming. Intake of vitamin E and vitamin C and Sodium were above the targeted intake. However intake of fiber was slightly below average. The intake of Added sugar, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Folate were below average. This therefore means that their intake should be increased as they are low. More especially the intake of Vitamin D and added sugar. Vitamin D for instance is a very important nutrient that is needed for proper development of body, more especially bones and teeth. Some of the foods that can be added are such as intake of chocolate milk and cheese. Mayo and hard boiled eggs can also be used to boost up the untaken if vitamin D. Long term consequences that may be realized due to deficiency of vitamin D are such as osteomalacia or rickets in children and osteoporosis where one tends to develop weak bones.


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