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Health has been most valued by the human race for ages. Among people's reasons for amassing vast wealth, health has always been at the top. What is the use of success if you can't live long enough to enjoy it? Even so, the 21st century has been plagued by illnesses and conditions arising from unhealthy tendencies, a worthy mention being diabetes. It is neither choosy nor unforgiving. Once you have it, it becomes your life. If unmanaged brace yourself for a massive diet and lifestyle change, not forgetting for a second the daily insulin shots.

Diabetes, in a layman's language, arises from either flat or increased glucose levels in the blood. Genetics is an important causal agent, the diabetes gene' being passed down from one generation to the next. Even so, poor feeding habits have been the biggest cause for the innumerable cases of diabetes riddling the world today. According to WHO, there are over 1,000 cases of diabetes in every 100,000 individuals. It is approximated that there will be a 9% rise of diabetes cases by the year 2025. These numbers have currently been on the rise, mainly due to a change in lifestyle among members of the community.

A broad range of policies and regulations have been put in place both by the state and other relevant stakeholders. The main one being disease screening among patients who have diabetes. Disease testing can simply be described as the process of detection of illness early enough. Detection of early signs of a disease is of great significance especially for halting its progression. Individuals are therefore encouraged to report to any medical caregivers once they detect a sign of a disease. Early screening of diabetes can be challenging mainly because the majority of the population do not have sufficient knowledge on the disease. Screening is done in different of ways, namely; through mass screening of a large population, multiphasic screening, targeted screening, and systematic testing. Effective diabetes screening is characterized as being sensitive and having a good predictive value. Similarly, it should be cheap, safe, acceptable, and reliable.

The most effective and efficient screening test for diabetes cases is the Fasting plasma glucose (FPG). It is clinically preferred because it is easier to perform and that it is more acceptable and convenient to patients. Plasma glucose testing may be performed on persons who have taken a drink or food before testing. A casual plasma glucose level equal or greater than 200mg/dl with other significant symptoms of diabetes is considered as diagnosis diabetes. Also, it is important that screening tests results be provided to the patient and follow-up evaluation be done. This method of selection is valid and credible as it gives a clear insight of the blood glucose levels of a person. As discussed in the introduction, early detection of diabetes is important as it helps the patient to adjust his or her diet and lifestyle for the betterment of their health.

Diabetes is usually not diagnosed until intricate complications start to show up. It is estimated that a third of all patients with diabetes are undiagnosed. It is encouraged that people should take up the initiative for getting screened for diabetes as it may in one way or another secure their future health. It is a simple procedure that lasts not more than ten minutes. Health is wealth and people should acquire it in ways possible.



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