Research Paper Example: Opinion of Nurses on Vaccinating School Girls Without Parental Consent

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Research paper
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Purpose and research question

The research is aimed at finding an opinion of nurses on vaccinating school girls without parental consent. The author certifies that the study is critical as parents are to be consulted so that they get to have a knowhow of what is transpiring (Wailoo, 2011). He shows the importance of parental consent as it will be in the position to make the parent bh4e ready in case of any complications.

Design and methods

An interview was conducted with the nurses who administered the vaccines to get to know their view and idea on the same exercise. Interviewing the nurses entailed the process of asking questions while they answer accordingly. To ensure that the information was precise and preserved, the interview was tape-recorded. It proved to be efficient and systematic as the whole process of conversation was captured.

Validity and reliability

The study is reliable in the sense that it gets to provide the reasons as to why parents of the girls in school are supposed to be consulted before vaccinating their children. The author believes that it is essential to get permission from the parent so that they get to be aware of what their child is up to (Corcoran, 2015). Since there are some side effects associated with the vaccine, it is essential to understand the consent of the parents before administering so that to avoid legal actions taken by the parents against the nurses if they were not consulted.

Findings and conclusions

According to the findings recorded from the nurses, it is seen that administering the vaccine is an essential aspect that should not be missed. Since some girls may request the vaccine without their parents approval, confidentiality is practiced, as they will be administered under a follow up medical monitoring. The conclusions are viable in a manner that they give the child an opportunity to make decisions without their parents approval. Making decisions concerning their life is an essential aspect as they are also looking ahead for their healthy life in the future (Peckham & Hann, 2013).


Strength of the article

The article is in the position to provide adequate information basing on the importance of seeking parental consent before administering the vaccine. The report also provides the methods in which nurses use to talk with the parents who do not agree with the administration of the vaccine.

Weakness of the article

The article is in the position to try to show the girls that they are in the place to make their own decisions without their parents approving.

Authors conclusion

I tend to agree with the author's conclusion as he is in the position to explain how the nurses should operate in case parents do not give a go ahead. The author describes that the girls should be in the position to decide on the kind of information and decisions that they should be able to get consent from their parents.

Did the author succeed or not?

The author succeeded in the study, as he was able to get the right reaction presented by the parents. He comes up with the kind of action that would be taken in case of any failure associated with the vaccine and the response from hostile parents. In the next research, the author should be in the position to ensure that he carries the study in more than one school so that to be able to get a different reaction that will help come up with a sound response.



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