Increased Risk of Pneumonia In Residents Living Near Poultry Farms

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The study that I selected for this study is the community-based research and it was published on 2017. The purpose of the study seeks to investigate the prevalence of pneumonia in the population living adjacent to the poultry farms and the health-related effects that they experience in their upper respiratory tract. The study was performed in the Noord-Brabant province, Netherlands, the region that is characterized by a densily populated area with livestock farms. There were two cross-sectional analysis conducted, they include: (1) the correlations between the home address, poultry farm and GP-registered pneumonia., which was then re-evaluated with the spatial kernel model; (2) The oropharyngeal microbiota composition of a patient that is hospitalized, which was assessed with respect to the residential advancement to the poultry farm.

In the study, the sensitivity analysis was performed by comparing the microbiota profile of 98 CAP individuals residing 1 km and 28 individuals residing 1.15 km around at least one or more poultry farms, as per the spatial kernel study results (Smit,, 2017).

The spatial kernel mode analyzed the relationship between the closeness of the poultry farm and the CAP diagnosis, that was acquired from the electronic medical record of 92,548 GP patients. By the use of the 165S-rRNA-based squeezing, the research was able to determine the oropharyngeal microbiota composition was resolute in 126 hospitals CAP patients, together with appraising the correlation to inhabited nearness to population farms.

This study had the external validity because, the Kernal analysis confirmed that there was a gradual increase of CAP for the people living close to the poultry farms, signifying the additional risk up-to 1.12 km, then next, the strident drop. In general terms, the composition of the oropharyngeal microbiota significantly varied the borderline between the people residing <1 km and 1 km far from the surrounding poultry farm. According to the that results, it suggested that there is the greater profusion of Streptococcus pneumonia for the patients who reside adjacent to the poultry farms, the fact that was approved by unsubstantiated clustering analysis, illustrating overrepresentation of an S. pneumonia cluster adjacent to the poultry farms (p = 0.049).

In patients who were known to be exposed (staying between 1.0 and 1.15 km away from the poultry farms), had 10th percentile relative abundance of S. pneumonia weakening the dissimilarity in the structure of the microbiota among the two sets.

The Kernal analysis used in the study showed the high danger of GP- detected pneumonia within the places that are nearly 1.15 km near the poultry farm. The patients' oropharyngeal microbiota having the CAP residing around 1 km away of the poultry farms revealed there was tan acute increase in proudness of S. pneumonia. Factors such as contact to air pollutant like endotoxin and PM may add to dysbiosis of URT microbiota invulnerable person, therefore, consequently leading to respiratory infections (Dickson, Martinez, and Huffnagle 2014).

Finally, the study showed that living adjacent to the farms is related to an increased risk by 11% of CAP, probably due to the variation in the upper respiratory tract microbiota among the vulnerable people. In that case, the predominance of S. pneumonia close to the farm ought to stimulate greater.



Smit, L. A., Boender, G. J., de Steenhuijsen Piters, W. A., Hagenaars, T. J., Huijskens, E. G., Rossen, J. W., ... & Bogaert, D. (2017). Increased risk of pneumonia in residents living near poultry farms: does the upper respiratory tract microbiota play a role? Pneumonia, 9(1), 3.

Dickson RP, Martinez FJ, & Huffnagle GB (2014). The role of the microbiome in exacerbations of chronic lung diseases. Lancet.;384:691702.


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