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I have always heard stories about people who are allergic to different substances. However, I have never imagined someone would be allergic to water until I came across an article titled Water Is Her Enemy written by Alexandra Allen. The author details of her first experience when she realized that she was allergic to water. Some interesting points about water allergic reactions are raised in the article. The primary author claim is that many people who are allergic to water and other substances face the challenge of late diagnosis. After reading the article, I decided to research more on the condition. I visited the school library where I searched for hardcopy materials written on the different types of allergies. To my disappointment, I realized that the content available discussed common types of allergic reaction and none touched on water allergy. After inquiring further from our librarian, I was directed to the e-source library where I was lucky to find some material on water allergies. I read an article about Michaela Dutton a 21-year-old who has the same condition as the author of the article. I came across other cases of water allergies, but Dutton case was more related to Alexandrias case. I realized that the condition is scarce. I imagined being allergic to a substance that makes up as much of our bodies and about 70% of the earth. The article by Alexandria has enlightened me on Aquagenic Urticaria condition. I intend to conduct more research on the condition to understand precisely how the body can react to a substance which already exists in the body.

Response one

The writer of this response to the Water Allergy article is a prolific and efficient writer. First, the writer introduces the response by noting that he/she is aware of the people who are allergic to different substances. The writer goes ahead to indicate that he/she has had a personal experience with allergic reactions from a friend who is allergic to the sun. The response summarizes the article by Alexandria Allen being specific to the main points raised in the report. I agree and at the same time disagree with the arguments raised by the author in this response. According to the author, some allergic conditions are sporadic. This creates a challenge in detection and treatment. this is a fact. However, I disagree with the question the writer poses on dehydration. Alexandria is not allergic to drinking water; her condition is entirely caused by contact of her skin with water. Response two

This is a response paper to the article Water is Her Enemy by Alexandria Allen. According to the author, she/she was not aware of an allergic condition to water. The response is mainly based on a personal experience of the author with a patient who was allergic to oranges. I agree with the points raised by the author in this response. According to the author, it is difficult to identify. This is because the allergic reaction may begin later in the life of the patient. It is possible to develop an allergic reaction to a substance which the patient has been using comfortably before.

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