Case Study Sample: CBT Treatment of Depression

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Question 1: Activities Throughout Therapy to Use for Estebans Termination and Relapse Prevention

Esteban stated that he believed that he felt better than before he started the CBT. To attribute this belief, as Estebans therapy, I investigated his thoughts of why he believed he felt improved. I then reinforced the thoughts Esteban offered to reinforce his belief in his progress. This activity was effective as it allowed me to promote Estebans sense of self-efficacy. Also, I taught Esteban to break down the problems he felt were big into small manageable components. Moreover, I encouraged Esteban to brainstorm solutions to any of his problems. Also, as part of Estebans near termination activities, I taught him how to administer self-therapy sessions and also responded sufficiently to all his concerns about termination.

Question 2: Techniques to Address Estebans Current Setbacks in CBT Treatment and Preparing Him for Future Setbacks

As a therapist, I used conceptualization of Estebans problems as a technique to uncover his mental difficulties. After uncovering the problems, I worked with the Esteban towards a joint objective of developing effective solutions to the identified problems. Moreover, to avert future setbacks to such problems, I helped Esteban to categorize his problems, develop their diagnosis and later identify an effective intervention for such setbacks.

Question 3: Techniques to Use When Tapering Sessions and Getting Esteban Ready for Termination

To respond to Estebans concerns about tapering sessions, I expressed my genuine personal feelings as his therapist of why I needed to end the CBT sessions. I honestly told Esteban that I regretted ending out CBT relationship, but I felt much pride to what he had achieved in the therapy. Finally, I informed Esteban that I believed that he could now make it on his own. Additionally, to help Esteban to review what he had learned in the CBT, I asked him to create a synopsis of the key skills and points he had acquired in therapy. We then discuss the points during our next CBT sessions. More, I emphasized to Esteban to use self-therapy sessions as a way of preparing him for termination. The self-therapy session would help him to solve problems before they became major problems and also to help him avoid a relapse.

Question 4: Therapeutic Goals for the First Booster Sessions and Techniques to Use to Accomplish Such Goals

There are two therapeutic goals that were considered for the first booster sessions. The first goal was to ensure that Esteban was motivated to do his CBT homework and practice the skills he learned. The second goal was to ensure that Esteban could be able to tell whether his past modified dysfunctional beliefs had been reactivated. Also, there are three techniques that I used in helping Esteban accomplish his first booster sessions therapeutic goals. First, I motivated Esteban to schedule our CBT meetings ahead and even call to confirm the meetings. Second, I advised Esteban to plan his preferred topics for discussion before attending the sessions. Lastly, I advised Esteban to practice coming to our CBT meetings as a preventative measure for negative thoughts that may cause depression.

Question 5: Questions to Assess the Extent of My Therapeutic Alliance with Esteban

The first question was, is my therapeutic alliance with Esteban strong? Second, I asked myself, do Esteban and I understand his goals in CBT? Lastly, I asked myself, does Esteban truly believe in the CBT model?

Question 6: Methods That Should Be Used to Remedy the Clients View of Therapy and the Common Problems That Occur in the Course of CBT Treatment

The most effective method that should be used by the therapist should be to structure questions that are focused on determining Estebans position in reference to the therapy being offered. Examples of such questions should include; does Esteban have a positive image of me as a therapist and the CBT? Does Esteban view me as collaborative, competent as well as caring? Moreover, there are three types of problems that occur during the CBT. These include the problems associated with diagnosis, conceptualization as well as treatment planning. There are also problems that are associated with the therapeutic alliance and problems associated with the structuring as well as the pacing of the therapy session.


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