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In INSIDE THE TEENAGE BRAIN, the Scientists are exploring the brain of a teenager and how it affects their behavior. The documentary defines some stringent topics in the verge of explaining why the adolescents exhibit particular traits and the science behind the act. The film expands our comprehension or could change how the parents would perceive the teenagers hence improvise ways of teaching or understanding their teens thus cope with their behavior.

The documentary gives an explanation of various topics regarding the teenage lifestyle. Among other discoveries, scientists are exploring the science behind mood swings, sleep deprivation, and the desire of teenagers to be independent. These are the universal traits that are exhibited by all teenagers. The Scientists are carrying out experiments through brain scans using frontier teens and children to conduct the research.

Research depicts that, right from the early childhood stage and during the years of teenage, this is when the most significant changes occur in the brain. Notably, it is observed that teens perceive stimuli like emotions and danger differently from adults. This is as a result of how their minds are set up and how they keep on changing. The brain is observed to coordinate with the hormones to account for mood swings among teenagers.

Mood swings have a devastating effect unto the life of teenagers. From the context, NO REMORSE' Dakotah is a victim who experienced depression. The situation was severe until Dakotah could imagine committing suicide, but later she contemplated and decided to kill her grandfather instead. The effects of mood swings are observed to obsess teenagers because of what they do on a daily basis.

The main problem that teenagers face is getting misunderstood by the people who surround them. May it be parents, teachers or other adults, teenagers feel they are being misunderstood by the adults. Most adults always perceive teens as people who are looking for trouble, in whatever they do, there is something wrong in one way or another. Most of the teens refute that this is a fallacy. The teens complain because their parents are being misguided that teens are there to be given directions, and controlled. Seemingly, the relationship between the parents and the teens is deteriorated.

In the documentary, a teenager interviewee, Brittany Honander is seen describing her relationship and mood swings with her family. Also, Nicole Ellis is seen disclosing details of her great relationship with her mother as well as the way mood swings has troubled her for a long period. The two characters seem to exhibit the same social problem ass teens. Therefore, it can be concluded that mood swings and depression are common among teenagers.

In my opinion, the documentary was made to explain to unveil parents the workload of trying to understand their teenagers. It is a fact teenager are seen as troublemakers, unpleasant, and careless in the eyes of their parents or other adults, and a new approach to understanding teens and why they behave in a particular manner.

The documentary has given me a lot of insight. While watching this documentary, I have learned a lot about the way the brain develops from the early stages of childhood, traversing to the adult cycle. For this case, I have understood the metamorphosis of my brain and those of my peers. I could relate this following the information the teens that were being interviewed revealed, especially when they were claiming that adults misunderstand them including their parents. The documentary, help me to realize the importance of sleep in human life. For a person to live a healthy lifestyle, sleep is a mandatory thing to do on a daily basis. In this case, having enough rest, relaxing the mind is what is essential.

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