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A hero is someone who courageously and deliberately overcomes obstacles to benefit others without regard to consequences that may occur to them (Sabin, 2009). In our culture most heroes value education. They often have an interest in understanding people, the world and earning degrees in universities. Their learning involves a lot of learning from their communities and being open to hearing from the people around as they share their needs and hopes. Another trait of heroes in our culture is the practice of loving others where they put other peoples needs before their own. Thirdly, they lead in sharing ideas and dreams and often encourage others to join their efforts, unite and accomplish more than what they would have achieved alone. Fourthly, they learn from the wisdom of past heroes with their inspiration coming from wise mentors. Lastly, they are prepared to sacrifice something for others to be better off.

In ancient Greek culture, a lot of traits were valued for one to be a hero, among them: embrace of mortality where the Greek heroes willingly faced danger showing no fear of death. Another trait was that of superhuman abilities, and great strength was a necessity so that they could accomplish things that human beings had failed. Impermanent death is also a trait valued in ancient Greek, heroes could live in memory and spirit, and members of hero cult would sing songs for fallen heroes and even offer animal sacrifices and libations. Also, ancient Greek heroes had the behavior where they showed that they were not perfect and often committed unspeakable acts due to human emotions. An ancient Greek had to undergo a physical suffering (Nagy, 2013).

Hendley, who was a barman can be considered as a modern hero who through the pouring of wine raised money to promote water projects. His non-profit organization known as wine to water has worked in many countries; Cambodia, Peru, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Africa, India, Uganda and Kenya to implement sustainable drinking water projects for many people. In 2010 during the Haiti earthquake, the organization also responded through setting up of water purification systems in the affected areas. To date, this organization has dug a lot of wells in Peru, Cambodia, and Africa.

According to the ancient Greek standards, Thesus can be considered as a hero in the modern world. He was regarded as a champion by most individuals and also known for making many adventures which include of him slaying the Minotaur while in the labyrinth. This act was frequently depicted in the art of the ancient Greek. Thesus fought together with Captain America in World War two to defeat their enemies who were oppressing their people.

In conclusion, a hero is a person who has superior traits as compared to those of an ordinary person in the society. Different communities or nations have different qualities which they look for in a person so as to consider him as a hero. The traits of a hero are mostly meant to benefit the community as a whole.


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