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It is seen to be a strange and long spree for the social network, particularly since a lot of numerous mistakes attributable to it have been frolicked out and remain to be doing so in the eyes of the people. In our tech industry, a firm like Facebook iterates that old products that existed have been killed, and now new ones are trundled out one by one. Some features used for experiments emerge and disappear. Through these new features, Facebook is viewed as one of the successful companies in the tech industry. The iterative products being used today instead of plods out in many occasions have been deemed to have a lot of foibles and mistakes playing out publicly. With all these defects and mistakes evident in our social media has raised some eyebrows. Some quarters of the society have redeemed themselves and tried to raise a concern on to how the tech-savvy sector in our community can be so credulous in their embrace of the social media. Thus, as an attempt to answer to this concern, producer Edward Piell directed by Geoff D'Eon in their documentary of Facebook Follies tried to grapple with this fear, by examining all the jeopardies and promises of exchange of information on Facebook.

With a billion people having signed to Facebook, it is believed that this media has profoundly changed millions of people on how they communicate and connect but disregarding its consequences. This documentary introduces individuals whose lives have dramatically altered into worse situations. The change in the worse circumstance of these people is attributable to obscure or indiscreet posts. Equally, it is seen to be through online criminal activities that steered them to lose either their jobs, spouses, dignity or in some circumstances ending locked in jail. The film at some instances depicts some positives stories profiles of some persons who found love, were able to connect and find their lost family members or in some cases used the Facebook platform to mourn publicly of their loved ones. This movie incorporates well-known fairy tales and even those that are unknown well that graces people's minds and makes their day. Finally, Facebook Follies is seen to bring in some commentary from professionals in journalism and social media.

Conjoining expert analysis and other case studies, this film is quite candid and truthful to what Facebook offers as far as it is far-reaching the cultural impact to the society. What can be seen as eye-opening in social media are the subjective accounts of the ones who by chance suffered harsh penalties. Other beneficiaries of Facebook include those who benefited from it. Most viewers of this movie can easily spot how careless postings in most occasions result in theft of identity, lead to some relationship breaking and others were jailed for crimes they committed in Facebook. On the flippant side, its platform that offers users the chance to showcase their business model that enrich them business depicts a noteworthy part of Facebook. The business models in Facebook dispels the notion that this social media is a free service hence reveals how Facebook is a giant as a marketing site. The firms who use meets more than a billion individuals whom they can easily convert to their customers. Thus, Facebook shares a company's information that helped it in sales that increases their profits in the long run.

All in all, Facebook Follies offer valued and cherished insights to the dynamic nature of our communication in the perspective of social networks.


D'Eon, G., & Dahl, J. (2011). Facebook Follies. CBC. Recuperado em, 20.

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