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Gender Equality At The Workplace: Do Hispanic Women Enjoy Equal And Same Community Cultural Values At Their Places Of Work?

Summary of section one:

The paper covers the challenges experienced by Hispanic women in the workplace based on their cultural values. The topic will be significant in my field as it will inform psychologists to explain to the HR department why Hispanic women behave the way they do in the workplace. Consequently, organizations will experience less stress, and increased employee motivation. Psychology helps in guiding employees as it diagnoses the root problem and tries to solve it. The research targets Hispanic women aged between 18 to 55 years because of age of concent. Hispanic society thrives in working as a group as opposed to working as individuals, and competitive environment. The fact prevails in Hispanic ESOL study groups because of their dependence on each other. The group prefers relying on the skills and participation of others to achieve their goals. Hence, it is quite unlikely for Hispanic women to conduct a fair share of work.


Hispanic women undergo challenge in the workplace based on their cultural values. The Hispanic society thrives in working as a group as opposed to working as individuals, and competitive environment. The fact prevails in Hispanic ESOL study groups because of their dependence on each other. The group prefers relying on the skills and participation of others to achieve their goals. Hence, it is quite unlikely for Hispanic women to conduct a fair share of work. According to Pew Research Center, 52% of Hispanics in the United States reports ethnicity discrimination in America. Understanding the cultural value of a Hispanic woman in the workplace remains critical for the success of an organization.

A reflection of Hispanic women treatment in relation to industrial /organization psychology in the program/field

For instance, a non-Hispanic boss might hinder or interfere with the interdependence of employees in the workplace, not understanding that the action might offend the female employee. The group view sharing of information and objects as a strategy of cooperation and efficiency in the workplace (Hernandez, 2007). Equally, a Hispanic woman in the workplace tends to focus more on the present, including short term goals as opposed to long-term goals. Consequently, they tend to differ with the Anglo culture based on the appropriation of the present. Hispanics concentrate on passed time as opposed to their needs to ensure that time controls their actions. This infers that Hispanic employees do not adhere to deadlines and activities with a close timing (Teg, n.d).

Equally, Chadwick Centre (n.d) argues that Hispanic women adhere to significant values of communication styles as opposed to their counterparts. They prefer more formal titles and respect during their interactions. Their affection is demonstrated through kisses and touch. For instance, Males hug; friends kiss, pat one another on the back or even shake hands. The behavior remains critical as an influence derived from an Anglo characteristic. Most Hispanics remain polite and can easily pass as a servile or subservient individual. Some of their most common expression during their interactions include my king, mi Rey, at your service, para servile a Usted, at your command, a sus ordeness, and my queen, Mi reina.

1.2 Research Problem (1 Paragraph)

Write a brief statement regarding the need for the study that fully describes the problem or need being addressed. The need for the study is what we often refer to as the Research Problem.

In simplified terms, the research problem should take this form:

The research literature on _________ indicates that we know ________, we know __________, but we do not know ______________.

The Research Problem should be correctly stated:

Existing literature and key findings should be summarized

Gaps or problems in the existing literature should be clearly formulated

The Research Problem should be explicitly stated, not implied.


Use current (within 5-7 years), scholarly, PRIMARY resources to support statements.

Use APA style in citing all resources.

Hence, understanding the religious and social beliefs of the Hispanic women remains critical for the success of the organization. The growth and development of the child are highly dependent on the parent, and elders as opposed to encouraging self-dependence. This affects the decision-making capacity of the people. The mother rarely spanks the children in public and commonly refers to their children as papito and mamito when playing. Ultimately, it is safe to view the Hispanic traditional society as one that raises people with a strong ethnic, family, and community ethnicity as opposed to an individual and independent identity (Cultural Competency n.d).

The cultural perspective of the Hispanic people impacts women employees as they continue to struggle for access to decent work. Women experience inequality across labor markets globally when it comes to outcomes, treatments, and opportunities. Despite the visible progress of women education in the past two decades, they continue to struggle with work positions. When compared to their male counterparts, male remain unemployed, assume fewer slots in the labor force, and receive lower wage positions (Women Employed, 2017).

Statistics hold that 1995 and 2015 have registered a decrease in female labor force globally from 52.4% to 49.6%. However, the similar period has registered an increase of male participation from 79.9% to 76.1% globally (International Labor Organization, 2010). The decrease affects women globally, including the Hispanics. Hence, women have a 27% chance lower than men to participate in gainful employment compared to their male counterparts. The Eastern and Southern Asia regions register a wider gap as the gap reduces participation rate of women in employment. Over time, the participation negatively impacts economic security and women's earning in general (National Partnership for women and families, 2004).

How women should be treated at their workplaces without affecting their cultural values among the Hispanics

Women should be treated with care in the 21st century through a proper understanding of the sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination laws. Working with coalitions will strengthen and discriminatory laws globally to ensure that families enjoy protection and guaranteed medical leaves. Organizations, including women, Employed fought to provide women with increased pay protection. The organization registered a pay increase of approximately 2.2 million employees with the federal contractors in 2014. The requirement was signed by President Obama while still in office (Women Employed, 2017).


Hispanic women continue to experience discriminatory work environment because of their cultural values and family responsibilities. The average wage of a woman is 80% of a man's earning. The trend extends when it comes to promotions and career advancement. Employers continue to subject women to sexual harassment, especially when women are earning low paying jobs. These women tolerate the situation as they fear to lose their jobs whenever they voice their illegal and unfair treatment. The trend encourages organizations such as Women Employed to strengthen their protection not only to protect Hispanic women but women globally. Despite their faith in religion Hispanic women continue to focus on healing women power and fate as their explanation for the struggles they undergo in the unequal workplace.

Section 2. Research Overview

2.1 Research Problem Background (3 paragraphs)

Provide a brief SUMMARY of your review of the research literature on the topic. This should include citations from at least 10 articles.This should be demonstrated by providing a statement about the body of existing literature on the topic, then, summarizing recent research findings on the topic, highlighting the findings that are most relevant to your proposed study, demonstrating how your proposed research could add to the existing literature on the topic. Be sure to provide appropriate in text citations and include references in the reference section.

Use current (within 5-7 years), scholarly, PRIMARY resources to support statements.

Use APA style in citing all resources. Over the past year Hispanic women have been having challenges at their work places and very few measure have been taken so as to address these issue. These problems directly affect the performance of the employees hence lowering the productivity of the company (Milner et al., 2016). The equality in the work place between the women and the men in the united states has increased although not to significant levels while back in the Hispanic women countries the changes are unrealizable. The situation has improved and is still improving but in such a slow pace that the women feel needs to be addressed. The Hispanic women education levels over the past years has been seen to increase but the wages have not increased at the same level hence frustrating the women workforce a lot (Hoque & Bacon 2014). A man with the same academic level as the woman happens to receive a high wage as compare to the woman despite the same level of education as well as effort at the work place. This has resulted to rise of some uproar among the women yielding little fruits in the long run. For instance, a United nation report seems to cover the issue of how the Hispanic entry to the workforce has affected the family set up (Burke & Major, 2014). It has been seen the level to which Hispanic women value the families but the entry in the working team has led to some challenges with the family set up.

According to Sonia Montano head of Women and development Unit in the United Nations clearly states that the woman has left for work but the man has not entered the kitchen yet. This indirectly tries to mean that the man has not yet taken up partial family responsibility even if the woman has joined the work force. This has resulted to many government ministers in some parts of the world complain that the women should return back home so as to take care of the family and this has been one of the main causes of the woman discrimination at the work place(Hacker, 2017). The issue sounds familiar to many and very few proposals on how to addr...

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