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Focusing on David Cook, The sound film and the American Studio system went through the different crisis with most of the crisis being sustained with damages. However, the most serious crisis began during the post-war years, and more erupted during the period of the late 60s and early 70s when the big studio ended up to become bankrupt. In the year 1995, an argument was raised that the America cinema being a classical art, but why not then people admire in it, what is most admirable? Not only the film- maker or the talent but the richness of its vigorous tradition, the richness of its ever active and its fertility when it comes contact with new elements

Ideally, after the World War II, a changing film which demonstrated a sudden change was experienced in the case where the start of new America was realized with the new Hollywood. This was also recognizing known as the post-classical Hollywood cinema which emerged as the response to the breakdown of the studio system the transformation of America media and the advent of commercial television. Through the argument that New Hollywood is putting totally different values on their mechanical plots, high gloss style, and one-dimensional character, creating a significant weakening of the natural narratives, authentic visual approach and destroying the complex characters that compose of the classical Hollywood cinema which majorly involves the American cinema from 1920 to the year 1960.

However, David is able to disagree with the statement, demonstrating that post-classical Hollywood is not supposed to be recognized as the anticlassical. Although it has been newly designed and reengineered through the fall of the system of the studio, the introduction of the blockbuster, the rise of the conglomerate wave and the fact remains that the New Hollywood did not undermine dangerous tradition through new elements adoption.

After the end of World War II, the general reduction and decline in the studio system brought the foundation that gave birth to a new Hollywood. Historically, during 1948 may, through the issue made by the Supreme Court, a Paramount decree was made that forced major studio that was operating by then to cease their monopolistic practices. Through the decision that caused most studios during this time to abandon the theater chains and predominantly made investment on the distribution which was then recognized as the most profitable sector in the industry. For a counter reaction, major studio also ventured into television. It was this time that the industry became so competitive as everyone wanted to have a better share of profit due to the emerging market at that particular period.

Through David Cook quote which states that which films should be a means to facilitate expression for its director? Andrew Sarris through later identifies this type of concept as the theory of auteur which the American new generation which is also recognized as the America new generation of Hollywood that was inspired by the French New Wave. According to Cook, a landmark film of the American new wave which soon was related to with youth culture, especially sex, art and violence through this studio started hiring nontraditional producers and directors to appeal to clientele was younger to pay them lower wages. The amazing thing is that Hollywood Renaissance of the 1970s was able to provide inspiration for the film.


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