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Mary: Bob, you foolish boy! Why are you always late in finishing your work?

Bob: Ho! That is not your business. Who are you to suggest to me what to do and what not to do? You're always blaming me for everything.

Mary: You always get things out of place.

Bob: is it a must I organize things here?

Mary: It is hard to locate the things that I need. Where have you kept the match box?

Bob: You can try to call it out, match box, match box." It will come right where you are.

Mary: That is not funny at all! Where is it? I need it right now. So where is the match box?

Bob: I would tell you if I knew where it was. I don't know the match box is. I have not seen or used the matchbox for a long time.

Mary: Here! I just have found it. Please do not be careless next time you use it. You ought to return things back where you find them.

Bob: Hello sister. We are in a house and not a museum for things to remain where they are at all the time. Is that right?

Mary: Stop making fun of me! I must report this to mom once she comes back.

Bob: I am sorry. I will not make fun of you again.

Lesson Learnt from the Conversation

From the above conversion, I have learned that through verbal communication, we can express our needs and desires through informing the people who we interact. Such verbal communication allows us to eliminate disagreements and offer missing information. For example, in the conversation we see Mary using verbal cues to ask Bob where the match box is. Also, Bob uses verbal communication to tell Mary that he does not know where the match box is and this helps to eliminate the misunderstanding.

Moreover, non- verbal communication helps us to rectify the mistakes that we have committed against other people. For example, Bob uses the word sorry which as a very effective word in expressing regrets and remorseful.

From the conversation, we learn that non-verbal communication helps in supporting our verbal communication. For instance, Mary points out the match box with her hand to show Bob that she has already found the matchbox.

It was worth doing the assignment as it has enabled me to understand that the values and uses of verbal and non-verbal cues. Particularly, from the above conversation, I have been able to learn how to enhance my responsive behavior. I have learned when to apply aggressiveness when engaging in a conversation that is driven by conflict.

The assignment will be of great help to me in future as I can apply the lessons in various instances. For example, when I am involved in a conflict between a friend who is my classmate and me, I will be able to handle the conversation effectively and mindfully. The reason is that I have gained some knowledge that has enhanced my behavior. I will be able to allow the other person to express his/ her views so that I can understand their concerns. I will also be able to realize where to use bold words and when to be calm.


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