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Leadership is the capability to influence a team toward the achievement of certain objectives. It is an important management skill which has the potential of affecting employees both positively and negatively. Effective leadership bolsters organizational productivity and even improves the companys overall performance. However, effective leadership requires leaders who are committed to the companys objectives. Nowadays there are a lot of successful business leaders in the world, but there is this one particular leader that I most admire. He is the CEO and founder of one of the most successful American Coffee Company. This individual uses unique leadership styles which allow employees to make major decisions about the company. He is a self-made billionaire who started from rags-to-riches. His success story is one of the most intriguing narratives which we can use to understand what it takes to be a successful business leader. He started as the salesperson in one of the coffee shops in America and progressed to become the founder and the CEO of arguably the largest coffee company in the world. So how did this individual manage to achieve such success? Well, in this article we will discuss some of the notable qualities and traits he possesses that contributed to his success.

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There was a time when most US citizens didnt know the difference between a high grade and a low-grade coffee. However, the creativity of this individual led to establishment largest coffee store chains that produce quality coffee. His success is not a simple one to overachieve. He not only became a prosperous person but also won the hearts of the coffee lovers. This person is an extraordinary leader and is ranked among the worlds great leaders. He has a lot of qualities including flexibility, integrity, passion, boldness, and passion. First, he is a kind of a leader who understands that not everything goes as planned. Sometimes governments may enact new policies or competitors may even change their tactics. In the early years, his company used only whole milk in its products as the CEO he was against making coffee with nonfat milk. However, as time passed, he learned how to compromise. Second, he is a man with a lot of passion. He argues that one cannot inspire others unless he motivates himself. He also adds that passion has allowed him to connect with his workers and install the same confidence and passion in them.

As a leader, he realized that his company couldnt prosper and win the clients hearts without total commitment of its employees. Therefore, he sought to create passion not only in himself but also in its employees. He gave his employees the opportunity to make decisions in the company. He understood very well that passion comes from trust, ownership, and loyalty. Third, he is a very bold individual. In one of his books, he advises that people should not play safe. During the initial years of his career as the CEO of the coffee company, he signed an agreement with one of the American airline Companies to serve coffee on flights. At that period, airline companies had a bad reputation for serving poor quality coffee. However, the bad reputation didnt deter him from ceasing the opportunity. A few years later, his company was doing so well, in fact, the airline company claimed that their agreement was one of the best tactical moves they ever made. Fourth, he is a leader with integrity. He argues that integrity is a part of who we are. In 1994, there was a coffee crisis in Brazil, and other coffee producing nations had hiked their prices. His company suffered a lot from the problem, but as the CEO of the company, he decided not to raise the price of the companys drinks immediately instead he designed a methodology based on replacement cost. Despite the worsening situation, his company never raised the prices of its products, and due to this gesture the clients valued the organizations integrity and continued to buy its products. Finally, he is a highly creative and innovative person. Since taking over the ownership of the company, he has been able to oversee the production of a variety of products. He often encourages the development of new commodities. Production of different products has attracted a lot of customers which in turn has resulted in the generation of huge amounts of income by the company.

I carried out, and extensive research on his leadership style and I realized that likes applying transformational leadership. Transformational leaders are individuals who have a vision of what they want to attain, and they communicate this vision to every person in their team. These type of leaders can create a vision, inspire people to buy into and deliver the vision, execute the delivery of the vision, and most importantly build a trust-based relationship with his team members nowadays; we need brave leaders who inspire others to reach levels they never thought possible. Transformational leaders such as this individual possess a clear vision of what the company seeks to achieve. Since he created his company, he wanted to expand the operations of its organization and most importantly make it a brand that sells the best coffee not only in America but globally. Moreover, these type of leaders communicates their expectations to all members of their teams to ensure that each one of them knows what is expected of them.

The leader in question is a great individual who has showed a tremendous success so far in his career. However, someone may be curious to know if such exceptional leadership skills are learned or inborn. In my opinion, leadership is both learned and innate. Some people are born with a natural talent to lead. However, this talent does not just manifest itself it requires constant exploitation. Some of the common innate traits of a leader include passion, empathy, and humbleness. Since this leader possesses all of these traits, we can hurriedly conclude that this type of leadership is inborn. However, there are other factors he possesses such as transparency, good communication skills, and trustworthiness which I strongly believe they are learned. Therefore, it is fair to infer that the leadership skills this individual possess is both inborn and learned.

This individual is a CEO and founder of the largest American coffee company. He is one of the most successful business leaders in the world. Just like in other successful business stories, this person has overcome various challenges in his career. With patience, integrity, creativity, and resilience anyone can be successful as this individual. However, some people are afraid to try.


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