The Impact of Leadership Style on the Success of a Companys Supply Chain: A Case Study of Laerdal Medical ASA

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The Impact of Leadership Style on the Success of a Companys Supply Chain: a Case Study of Laerdal Medical ASA:

IntroductionCompanies require the use of human workforce to have an active service to their clients. A company, therefore, has to be involved with other organizations, resources, and activities and also involve technology in the service provision .the vast network of the supply chain of products, services, information and financial assistance takes part successfully when it is done under management. In the long run for one t have good management, it entails having a creative leadership that will help garner the best result of a company at the end of the day. Each organization carries out its activities with a target of developing and retaining good supply chain leadership in its course. The role played by a supply chain leader is formidable in companys performance in the long run. A leaders attributes, goals, leadership styles will see a company reach out to satisfying as many clients as possible. It is envisaged that a supply being a vast network of products and services which will perform better in the short term by responding to management, they will always perform better by having successful leadership.(Apics.)

It sticks to argue that issues concerning supply chain should be put into consideration when making decisions which involve production of new products to be introduced in the market, pricing of the products, and service delivery to the customers. These issues are in an upper hand being handled more appropriately in situations where an executive senior officer handles supply chain matters. To that extent supply chain process requires the functions being headed by an executive officer who acts as a senior leader in an organization. There is more evidence to show that senior leadership correlates with supply chain high performance. Leadership with excellent skills imply the performance of an organization allowing it to give the best results. Corporate study indicates that a leader who has higher standing performance will always have an allocation of resources which are required for success by being able to make potential moves and knowing the implications of various moves. Leadership entails professional credentials which enable a leader to provide innovative strategic leadership to organizations helping them achieve strategic values and sustainable economic together with social prosperity. Leaders are required to exhibit great critical thinking skill and make the most appropriate steps in the decision making process. While there many approaches which concern choice making a great leader has to portray that he/she understands what kind of decision is the sort of being created with specific objectives and criteria concerning the decision to be made. Apparently having alternatives concerning how the issue in question should be handled marks another aspect of a great supply chain leader. While acting on top of the supply chain as a supervisor, a leader is expected to instill confidence by having a strong visualization and acting as a strong coach. A leader needs to portray a distinct character of differentiating between intellectual, emotional, social and intellectual change. Regarding conflict resolution, a leader should be in apposition make a healthy resolution.

In considering the attributes that should be displayed by a supply chain leader is required to possess, it calls for a leader who can inspire people, empower people, lead people to a prudent change and share visions. Leadership entails the use of both soft and hard skills in improving and maintaining relationships with supply chain. It is evident that supply is full of unpredictable events, which requires a climate that involves forecasting on business plans. This paper seeks to establish the different leadership style and their impacts on the supply chain, An excellent supply chain would be rendered useless if it fails to execute operational plans that align with overall company purposes. To that extent, leadership must entail a leader who is willing to effectively implement watch over various metrics which define whether the quality of products and their effective productivity are met on time. The characteristics of a good leader in the supply chain do not just apply to the four walls of an enterprise; there is always need for cultivation of the mutual benefiting connections with a clear understanding of the business operations together with a desire to build relationships.

Organizations that are striving to improve their performance and the cycle time always concentrate on having long healthy long term relationships with the suppliers. Although the various literature study mentions leadership behavior in the notion of the supply chain, there havent been any studies to show for instance the impact of leadership in the cycle time. Scholars have explained the importance of certain leadership styles which should be exhibited in ensuring that proper performance of different companies is maintained. Leaders who embrace visionary leadership have been envisaged as the best in the maintenance of corporation, and some have been in high demand varying from one company to another. Though various literature concentrates on the effectiveness of good supply chain management, there has been little research on the gaps which exist in the supply chain. For instance, there havent been much of study on how leadership style affects the level of information sharing, through the development of rational commitment and trust among the company members. The studies also don't show how this type of relationship can help improve performance such as in creating cycle time. The current study tries to accommodate the various kinds of leadership behaviors, and it would be an outstanding study guide in studying the linkage between supply chain managers and the practices which have a positive impact. The uncertainty of the environment and supply base have a moderate play a role in relationships created through supply chain which require commitment and trust

Successful leaders create structural elements that help them achieve performance objective which has been set by organizations. Leaders and individuals who have been tasked with supply chain functions face the variety of difficulties in trying to implement it to the latter. This challenge calls for leaders who have distinct skills and are willing to create innovate solutions and has a collaborative culture in the competitive gain. It is, therefore, formidable to get a better understanding the form and types of leadership style that are useful in creating structures that will allow a high supply chain performance which will enable a cultivation of high quality of leadership among organizations. Wagner (2011) holds that a study should be in a position of providing insight to other leaders. There should be a connection between a servant and a leader, in that one who wants to should be a servant first. It gives a difference with a person who is a leader. First, it is stipulated that a servant-leader goes to a greater extent of motivating their followers by concentrating on their needs (Greenleaf, 1977)). A servant leader gives the results other than the means of getting the results of organizational goals. A good leader should not just focus on the needs of the company but also the needs of his subordinates creating value for those who are not within the organization. Servant leadership can enhance performance through increased levels of organizational commitment. A positive change in the supply chain is visible in corporate performance.

Activities of a manager have a significant role in influencing the productivity of companys stuff and the rest of the organizations efficiency. Every step taken towards the performance of leadership is crucial, the way a manager delegates duties, makes decisions and how he or she interacts with others during his duty as a manager will always affect the entire organization. During communication, for instance, a Bureaucratic leader can slow down communication in the company if they stop to check that each part of the message and the delivery format is strictly adhered to in accordance with the businesss guidelines. Thus can they can tamper with communication and prevent employees from getting instructions and communications required for the smooth flow of the job. A leader who might interfere with information to meet their needs would have information being distributed as inappropriate and ineffective. (George)

Laerdal Medical is a global company with more than 1400 employees in 24 countries, dedicated to helping save lives through the advancement of resuscitation, emergency care, and patients safety. The History of Laerdal Medical depicts that it has undergone a successful growth and expansion of its services through an organized management leadership. The business still stands despite being established early in 1940, and for the next 77 years, it has developed a broad range of products in offering its services. The Laerdal report on sustainability reports that business should support and respect the protection of the internationally proclaimed rights. By valuing their employees as a valuable resource and having the commitment to treat them with the highest attainable dignity, respect, and fairness. Recognizing the ethic background of the different individual has made Laerdal be in a position to compete successfully in the global market level. This goes further towards their internal commitment to set standards for interaction with vendors, distributors, and other external partners.

1.1 ContextGlobalization has increased rapidly in a decade or so. This has piled more pressure on businesses to increase the cost of operation. This has subsequently increased demand from the customers and ever changing technologies within the information and manufacturing departments. For the company to compete effectively with the competitor in the market, it has to come up with ways that will establish long-term relations with the retailers. This is typically done through integrating the supply chains with the final consumer in the market.

With this argument in mind, there is no doubt efficient management of supply chain is vital to the company. Leaders in the supply chain have been forced to meet the global changes and vast movements of goods from the workshops to the consumers. It stands that supply chain leaders should make critical decisions concerning high organizations to have a better performance. A leader with greater standing should be in a position to get an allocation of resources which will lead to excellence. However, no specific right strategic move can be differentiated from others towards the achievement of the good supply chain. Different types of strategies should be utilized with the aim of bringing sourcing and procurement across companies (Cooper, et al., 1997).

Many leaders always make use of a variety of new pr...

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