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Each person has a unique communication style, traits, and personality which plays an important factor in personal perspective. Communication pattern and style differ from person to person in enhancing communication. There many ways in which communication method can be defined which are explained in the following two perspectives which I take as an example in analyzing communication style.

The assertive style

In the assertive style of communication, a person has the confidence of speaking and cannot be manipulated of what he or she is talking about. It is the most effective and healthiest form of communication. In assertive communication, the person knows the limits in which he or she communicates about a particular matter and therefore cannot be pushed to give more information or talk more about a given issue.

The analyzed communication style assists in overcoming various conflicts which may arise in an organization set up. In the instance in the assertive style of communication, what a person has said is deemed final and therefore cannot be manipulated to change what he or she had said to the advantage of other people. (Buttry, Daniel L)Under this style of communication a person is very objective, and therefore any conflict which may arise is amicably solved.

The leader in an organization has numerous roles like conflict resolution. The manager ensures that the conflict is resolved in a way such that each concerned party or the aggrieved party is satisfied in any conflict. In the book of (Matthew 5.9), Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God (Jenks, Deborah F). The issue of conflict brings itself when the people enter into the commitment with God to bring their goodness in the eyes of God in any circumstance which might arise.

Nowadays there exists an interpersonal conflict in the church which much attention is focused. The letter of St. Paul addresses some conflicts which arose amongst its members in the church. He addresses theological disagreements (1 Corinthians), the conduct in which people worshipped (1 Corinthians 11-14), dietary concerns (1 Corinthians 8-10)among other conflicts. St. Paul saw these clashes in the church as a sign of spiritual growth and unity among the church members. (Kemp, Karen Margret). In everyday life activities, people experience social conflicts which is seen as a big challenge in society and which should be handled in a better way in such a way that all the concerned partys benefit. (Lederach, John Paul, and Mitchell Maiese).


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