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Teams are used at nearly every point of peoples lives such as in the community affiliations, workplaces, and social organizations. They enable people to interact with others and also to share knowledge and skills among themselves to achieve a common purpose. However, a team cannot achieve success without the inclusion of a reasonable plan. A reasonable plan is a framework that guides the team members to adhere to the set standards and regulations for the team to achieve its objectives. It is holistic and gathers for each and every team members needs without discrimination of any kind. This type of plan seeks to improve teamwork and most importantly spearhead the team to attain the success it deserves.

It is a common fact that teams can also experience challenges, this is because people come with different personalities and it is the responsibility of the team manager to ensure that there are harmony and unity in the team. These team managers require a reasonable plan to help them in their process. Most notably the one which will help identify existing problems in the team and suggests appropriate actions to solve the issue. Some of the benefits of a reasonable plan include: helps mediate disputes, outlines what is required of each and every team member, and gives every team member the power to make decisions. A reasonable plan provides clear directives on how to solve matters that arise among team members, which in turn improves teamwork by inspiring members to address issues productively and efficiently. It also motivates team members to be comfortable with one another and encourages them to discuss a variety of matters without having a problem. A reasonable plan helps mediate disputes within the group by identifying the source of the conflicts in the group and later uses the set rules and regulations to evaluate and completely solve the problem (Hibbs, 2010). It provides solutions to the team and most significantly prevents the blame game scenarios from happening.

One of the most fundamental features of a reasonable plan is the need for good communication within the team. It sets up policies which motivate team members to talk easily among each other and share their opinions without fear of being intimidated. A team will not be effective if the team members are not communicating, in fact, it will be meaningless to have a team whose members are not talking to each other. Team members have different habits and traits and there are others who are naturally quiet and are not used to talking to a lot of people. A reasonable plan is the one that understands that people are diverse and therefore lays out guidelines that give every team member an adequate opportunity to share their opinions freely. It advocates for the creation of team meetings where team members can freely interact and share their thoughts on various issues concerning the team and their common purpose. Moreover, it ensures that these team meetings become productive by requiring the team manager to always produce a status report after every team meeting. These status reports will then be used to gauge the progress of the team. Finally, a reasonable plan discourages monopoly of power and gives team members the power to make important decisions. It bolsters collaborative leadership which in turn enables team members to prosper individually while also achieving the common purpose.

A reasonable plan is extensive and comprises of several components. A reasonable plan sets policies that build commitment, encourages productivity, and identifies teamwork problems. It assesses the teams strengths, challenges, and performance opportunities and provides a recommendation of how team members can use their different behavioral and thinking tendencies to strengthen their capabilities (Jordan, 2011). This plan builds a culture of collaboration and dedication, since with this kind of a plan in place every team member is motivated to accomplish what is expected of him/her in the team. It also recognizes those team members who have gone extra miles to implement new ideologies. A reasonable plan contains policies that make progress of each team members visible to the whole team. Where the highly ranked team members are given incentives. This process motivates every team member to work hard and to be recognized by the whole team. It is essential to know that a reasonable plan is the one that shares clearly defined goals. This means that it enables team members to move towards one direction. Team effectiveness improves in events where the team members have a clear understanding of the team objectives and collectively work towards achieving them. A reasonable plan also comprises of fun and inspiring activities that boost team spirit and introduces a little sense of humor to the team. Working in a team should not be an annoying mandate but rather an inspiring activity where people get to be open with each other. Fun activities in the group enable team members to develop positive attitudes and builds enthusiasm and trust. In conclusion, we realize that managers require a reasonable plan for the success of their respective groups. A kind of plan which makes sure that team members are working towards the team objectives and most importantly encourages collaborative leadership.



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