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From: [email protected]: [email protected]: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: Progress analysis and Team Meeting announcement

Dear Staff Members,

I hope this finds you well, it has been a good going, and we have managed to achieve different things that we need to be impressed about. Although the main purpose of this email is to inform you of the latest progress within the company. There have been some disturbing reports from the company that has raised the alarm. We have not been performing as usual. From the observations our performance has dropped as well as the revenue has gone down. I have also noticed that none of you has been utilizing the new systems in the offices. From the observation, it is evident that the company has not signed any new clients, but instead, we have lost a few of the clients we had. The other client that we still have signed the company has had difficulty delivering hence the need for an analysis of what could possibly be the problem. Customer satisfaction has been deriving the company, and we have seen this take us from one place to another. From the different reviews we have had from our customers they have not been completely satisfied with our services a thing we have never had experienced before. This clearly indicates the presence of issues that need resolving. There are possible issues that are directly or indirectly affecting our company. We need to address these issues before they bring down our company.

Another issue that I have realized is the use of the old systems; we managed to bring in the new system. These new systems are faster as well as more reliable as compared with the old system, hence a confusion as to why this transition from the old to the new is taking long. The idea that the new systems was created to improve the operations within the organization we should adapt to this as soon as possible. In case of any challenges in the transition period, it is important to communicate rather than place the new system down and then embark to the old system. These are company resources wasting away while the company utilized a good amount of finances to get this equipment

Another issue that is to be made aware is the meetings that is to be held the following week. This meeting will include all the team members in the company, and we will have a number of issues we are going to handle. Some of these issues will involve the answering of some of the areas covered in the first section of the email. During this meeting, the members will have a chance to air out their opinions due to the poor performance of the company. Any other challenges are affecting them. The meeting will start as from 9 am and is expected to end later in the day. All staff members are expected to show up in the meeting ant time management is to be observed by all. Lets meet up the and talk more.

Yours sincere

CEO, Students Name.

Part II


To: All staff members

From: Students Name and CEO

Subject: company performance analysis and meeting announcement.



Company Performance

This memo is to address the performance of the company over the past few months. There has been a drop in the performance of the company a thing that has not been observed before. It implies the possibility of something going on it the company that we are all aware of. Due to this, it will be crucial that all the staff members need to avail them self and agree on a way forward. The company has not managed to sign any new client hence the financial side of the company has not been good since. These are some of the challenges we have faced over the past few weeks as well. The rating of our customers regarding the quality of our services as well is another thing worth looking at. Our ratings have been dropping continuously which has become a concerning issue. We need to recollect our self and try to refresh our minds in relation to the goals of our company and our mode of operation

Transition to New Systems

The company also purchased new computer systems which were meant to replace the old system, but as per the observations made, no one has started using the new computer systems hence the curiosity as to why this is the issue. Has there been any glitch within the new computer systems that need to be made clear or has the transition from the old systems become impossible? The new systems were brought in order to increase the productivity of the company as well as the efficiency of the company operations. Change within a company is a thing we all need to embrace, it has been a number of years with the old systems and on may find it hard shifting to the new systems but this is a thing needed so as to transform the company's performance. The information from the old system is to be transferred to the new computer systems. The old system will remain as the backup systems, and anyone can refer to their old system in case they need certain information from the system. These are matters that need to be addressed and resolved soonest possible.

Meeting Preparation

Most of the issues mentioned above require responses from the team hence a meeting has been scheduled for the coming week. The meeting will be on Tuesday as from 9 am and will end sometime later in the course of the day. During this meeting, we are expected to address all the issues we are facing as a company, and as per the family, we normally operate as. No one is excluded from the meeting and time management will be highly appreciated. The meeting is to chaired by the head of the team, and each member needs to have prepared a few points that they feel have resulted in the current challenges that are facing the company. In the progress of the meeting, we will address some possible solutions towards the identified problems. This will help the company identify its weaknesses over the past few weeks. A review of some of our customer ratings during the meeting will also give us an insight of what is the problem. By the end of the meeting, we need to have worked out a response strategy of the current issues within the company.

Part III

Rose Johnson,

Director Smart Printers,

P O BOX 00100-3456,

[email protected],


Collins Downs,

Advertising Manager

Tourism Sector,

P.O.BOX 00241-32145


Dear Sir,

RE: Business Relations Proposal

It's my pleasure getting a chance to introduce myself to your organization. I am Rose Johnson founder of Future Printers company. We have specialized in printing and in the process of printing the company has ventured into other things such as advertisement coverage among other services. The company has a list of renown client who can act as the referee for the company in cases need be as well.

The main purpose of writing to you is to address a business proposal with your organization. We have realized that you do carry out internal organization advertising which entails a lot and we would wish to interest you with our services. If your company is willing to outsource the advertising services my company is in a position of delivering this to you and in the best way possible. Do consider my request and your response will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Rose Johnson


Part IV

A letter in response to the unhappy customer: the letter should apologize to the customer in relation to the issue as well as convince the customer against closing their success Labs membership.

Brown Stalk,

Customer Relations Manager,

Success Labs,

[email protected],

P. O. BOX 234-6868,



Loyal Customer

Success Lab

[email protected]

Dear Customer,


It is with a kind heart that we apologize for the poor services offered by our company. This is an issue that has never happened before, and we strive so hard for such an incident not to occur. We have had a number of our loyal customers claim the same in relation to the services "12 steps to selling online." We are currently revising the matter, and the minute this is done we will provide a copy of this to you completely free so as to make up for the poor services you have been put through. In relation to your withdrawal from the Success Lab Membership kindly take a second chance and rethink the whole decision, many more things are yet to come, and the disappointment of a since service should not make you change your path to success. Kindly reconsider this and let us know.

Our customers will always come first, and in case something else may be affecting you it is worth addressing it, raise the issue, and we may get to serve you better. As you know the company slogan A happy customer is a happy business. Do consider our suggestion and your response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Yours sincere

Brown Stalk

Customer Relations Manager


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