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Tall Gardens Marina is a privately owned company that is involved in renting small boats, houseboats, swing moorings as well as the berths. Besides, the company provides the boat services through its slipway abilities. Its activities in its slipways have significantly been affected because of the environmental concerns and the government regulations. It means that the company has to adhere to the occupational legislations, insurance conditions and the environmental laws. The current improvement systems to enhance the growth for the next 5 to 10 years must, therefore, be put to this consideration.

Major Issues facing Marina Company

I. Environmental Concerns

Marina Company is faced with issues of adhering to the various environmental concerns as outlined in the compliance mechanisms by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Its activities are likely to have significant impacts on the environment.

II. Environmental regulations

Through its Slipways, Marina offers services that include cleaning of hull, painting, and repairs to all surfaces of the boat, repairs to engines, sails, rigging and renovations, rental of water blasters, scaffolding, and waste removal among others. The impacts of these services have profound effects on the environment. The company must, therefore, adhere to the existing regulations of waste management as well as pollution prevention.

III. Automation of Record Keeping

The company wants to automate its record keeping with the aim of tracking the customers, staff, rentals, slipway operations and repairs. It is a significant issue of concern that requires substantial resources as well as the appropriate skills for effective implementation

IV. Occupational legislation

Marina Company faces various occupational safety issues such as protecting their customers, ensuring that their clients have access to safety rented boats as well as the personal equipment.

V. Insurance conditions

The company needs the customers to guarantee safe operations of the boats whenever they are rented out. However, a big issue, in this case, would be the development of an automated system that tracks customers actions and records.

VI. Government requirements

Marina Company is faced with an issue of meeting all the government requirements when operating as a business. In this case, it will need to acquire the operating license for its boats as required by the law.

VII. Waste Management and Removal

Marina Company operates various boats as well as equipment which generate substantial waste. Similarly, the customers activities within the boast they have rented may produce different kinds of wastes. The company faces a big issue of developing a sewerage and waste management systems to prevent pollution of the environment.

Areas of Improvement

To achieve its 5 to 10 years business objectives, Marina Company needs to establish and develop an efficient system of environmental management and protection regarding the services it offers. These should include proper waste management and removal, well-developed sewerage system, and an automated record keeping orders for accuracy and transparency with its customers.

Potential Advantages

An efficient system of waste and sewerage management has substantial advantages such as helping protect the environment and the value attached to it (Krishna, 2017). Notably, the customers will be able to use the companys services while embracing the protection of the environment. Similarly, an automated system will enable the company to track the customers records and activities. Finally, working under government regulation will enhance the continuity of the business because of engaging in the transactions in which they have licenses (Krishna, 2017).


Krishna, I. V. M. (2017). Environmental management: Science and engineering for industry. Butterworth-Heinemann.


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