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The employment cycle entails various ways an organization undertakes to determine the needs, skills, and talents required for the job then hire the staff. Once an employee is hired, it is essential for the management to ensure they are satisfied with the job environment to ensure productivity.

While under an internship, I observed various problems that the management experienced through the employment cycle. The process consumed more time, and some of the recruited employees failed to meet the minimum threshold. Through the process, I took notes in the presence of informative dimension that can help improve the overall process.

For this part, I can explore the dimensions of intellectual quality which is essential towards improving my career in the job market and ensuring my overall productivity and reliability.

To improve the employment cycle, I will identify particular elements that are fundamental to improving employee performance and ensure that the process is done within a short time. At the same time, I will reflect on the importance of this assignment.

Job analysis

Job analysis involves the identification and the determination into details the specific duties and requirements and importance of the duties of the job.

Thought provoking ideas in regards to the job analysis is that other than providing the general requirements, there is a need to highlight on the specific job requirements and employment terms. Due to the lack of specification, a large pool of applicants was selected with significantly less qualification for the position.

The topic can be applied in identifying the employees with required skills and at the same time highlight on the working environment, tools and equipment needed and the relationship in the organization.

To enhance the job analysis process in the organization, there is a need to consider prospective employees with disabilities. There is a need to concentrate on the academic qualification and the ability to deliver.

Job interview

A job interview is a face-to-face conversation between the representative of the employer and the job applicant to evaluate whether the applicant meets the skills and competencies needed for the job. From a personal point of view, interviews popularly precede the hiring process.

Job applicants were assessed more on their academic qualification rather than the skills and competencies. Even though this is important, there is a need to possess both thorough understanding and knowledge of the job. This helps understand the concept of the task and create a sustainable relationship within the working environment.

The topic was essential in evaluating the applicant's skills, competencies and academic qualifications for the job. At the same time, it helped the management in planning and implementing training within the organization.

To improve the process, there is a need to incorporate different types of interviews then select the best candidate from all the interviews conducted.

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