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The aviation industry has noted new bloom with the increasing use of low-cost carriers. There is the absence of sharp knowledge as to the understanding of the exact motivating factors that lead to a lot of passengers choosing the mode of flight. There ought to be a sufficient understanding of the LCC carrier market. The global arena is not simply ruled by the aspect of the price, but there are different more essential factors. The LCCs strategy of fuel consumption efficiency, proper yield management and effective administration of revenue has given them the freedom to entice customers in various aspects not simply restricted to the low price.

Service quality has not been asserted as one of the key pillars that make the LCC carrier industry reliable. The general assumption is that the passengers are mainly attracted to these air services not because of the quality but because of the low price. It is essential; to build an understanding based on consumer demands and tastes. Besides, there are plenty of service packages offered by these carriers. Understanding the correct and true impact of these services would better place the low-cost carrier in its rightful context. Service would broadly encompass the aspects of not only customer satisfaction but also of comfort ability. The real understanding stems from a deep understanding of the hierarchy of needs viz how people are ready to pay for priced service.

A close look at the consumer attitude, portents realization that there has been the transformation in the aviation sector positively. The initial desire of consumers to book low price flights has been overtaken by the recent global perception of the increased convenience of low price flights. This increased convenience is still a match for the conventional main attractor of the price. Increased advertisements through media and internet have improved the brand of most low-cost carriers to a great extent.

Safety and security is a great factor these days whereby there is the huge threat of terrorism and a more politically active global climate. Consumers And passengers have put this into consideration, and low-cost carriers that competitively show the edge in the clear cut and exemplary security plans and strategies are effective study targets for scholars that seek the understanding of the overlap of security viz price in the aviation industry. There is yet to be the clear understanding of how passengers perceive the security factor as a key attractor or possibly distracter to low-cost carriers. Safety systems alike and the monitoring apparatus of flights on air and off air has the potential of greatly influencing the passenger demand. It is an unclearly established norm because established full-service carriers have at times been prey to security faults.

Consumer pride is considered a norm worth study more in the context of low-cost carriers that predominantly carry a specific class of passengers. The fact that there are carriers that do not subdivide the flights into subcategories creating a feeling of general equality on board serves to boost the passenger pride and ego. This goes a long way to boost consumer satisfaction. Equally, it proved negative in the sense that some customers would prefer the essence of having common flight ticket low prices but stratified accrued and complementary services.

The low-cost carrier aviation industry has some great potential and opportunities that can transform the profitability and key market understanding. To advance insight, there has to be a key study of the motivational factors besides the fact that low cost carriers offer low ticket prices. It is high time to understand consumers as not only financially elite but demanders of service and wide array of essentials.

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