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This memo is being addressed to all employees and it will address three key issues that have come to the attention of Huntsman Hotels management.

Change of Policy Payroll and Time Keeping

This memo is to bring to your notice that effective from May 1st the company will revise the policies I regards to the late comers, and on the new payroll. The company will enforce a 4% salary deduction from any employee that reports to work late more than four times in a month. Earlier, the company imposed a 3% deduction, but we have noticed that for the past few months, the number of workers coming in late has increased. When an employee arrives late, it is the companys overall productivity that is affected; since the work is accomplished in a day is less.

At the beginning of the year, the top management recommended the upgrade of the timekeeping systems and payroll, and this was approved by the president of the company. This means that a new time keeping system will be will be introduced, where by the employees will be required to clock in. This system has been evaluated for ten months and its abilities have been confirmed. The e-Time system is able to meet all the needs of both the company and the employees. Several employees participated in the pilot upgrade of the system, so as to determine if the new system is the right solution. The new system will provide:

A system that synchronizes the human resource data and the payroll.

The system will have the capability to ensure that all employees are compliant to the new policy, and that the federal and state laws and regulations are followed.

This means that if all employees arrived on time, then the company would be able to reach its quota for the day, and even exceed it. As part of the rules and regulations, all employees are required to abide to this new policy. We, as part of the management of the company look forward to the improvement from the employees. All employees are required to work cooperatively for their own career development and for the overall success of the company.

Recruitment, Selection and Termination of Employees

Huntsman Hotels will be committed to providing quality services to its clients, and to support the achievement of this goal, the management has recognized the need to revamp its recruitment process so as to ensure the most suitable applicants for vacant positions are employed. The company wishes to attract the best staff available through internal and external advertising on all vacant remunerated positions. In view of these, the following changes will be made to the policy that has been used for the recruitment and selection of employees. The following are the changes:

All jobs will first be advertised internally, and if there is not candidate that fits the requirements, the company will then proceed to advertise for the vacant position externally. Internal employees are encouraged to be on the lookout for new advertisements and take advantage of the opportunity being offered. The aim of this policy is to encourage employee professional advancement and increased participation. It

is also the duty of the company to ensure that all applicants are entrusted with the duties of the positions they have applied for. In this respect, all selection and recruitment decisions and procedures will reflect Huntsman Hotels commitment to offer equal opportunity by assessing all the candidates according to their knowledge, capabilities, qualifications and skills. No preferential regard will be given to factors like race, marital status, age, gender, political opinions, religion, and physical impairment.

Huntsman Hotels will also be committed to providing a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. This will ensure that there is fairness and that there will be no misunderstandings between the employees and the company that will lead to tribunals.

All supervisors and managers are therefore required to be familiar with the recruitment, selection and termination procedures which should be followed accordingly. The staffing levels of each department should be determined and authorized.

All roles have descriptions that specify the selection criteria and the requirements of the roles. In this respect, the Human Resource Department will ensure that all employees and managers are aware of their responsibilities in the selection and recruitment process. Managers will also be given continuous guidance and support in regards to the recruitment and termination issues.

In addition, the Human Resource Department with the support of the companys management will ensure that there will be a contingency policy in place that will ensure that staffs are re-deployed into different roles when shortages occur is some positions. For this reason, training and skills advancement will be provided for by the company.

Performance appraisal will be introduced in the company. This will ensure that the employees are motivated to work harder.

The management will develop a persuasive business case and evidence to sell the idea of progression in the Hotel. This includes improving employees work environments, ensuring that employees have the necessary tools for their work, incentivizing higher productivity and proving a succession plan that will ensure a pipeline of talent isupports the hotels and employee growth.

Wage Structure

Applicable provisions for on the previous pay structure will remain the same, but are a few changes that the management would like to bring to the attention of all employees.

Salaries and wages will be reviewed to ensure equality for all employees. This means that skills and qualifications for each position will be reviewed as well to ensure all employees are rewarded accordingly.

Bonuses will be introduced and will be paid annually at the beginning of every year. Employees are therefore encouraged to work hard as the bonuses will be pegged on performance.

All employees will be allowed to join the unions of their choice.

Salaries and wages will be renewed annually commensurate with employees performance.

Job Advertisement

Deputy Hotel Manager

Huntsman Hotels seeks to recruit a business focused Deputy Hotel Manager for our brilliant Hunts man Hotel based in the UK. The person will be responsible for supervising 8 heads of departments as well as 10 established team members and up to 20 seasonal staff members.

The key responsibilities will include:

To be accountable for the profitability and efficient operation of all the Huntsman Hotel at all times.

To oversee and be responsible for the functions of the hotel such as maintenance, housekeeping, security and reception, and looking for ways to improve all the functions to ensure efficiency and productivity as well as an amazing customer experience.

Ensuring that together with the relevant teams the offering is managed to the highest standards.

Ensuring that customer complaints are dealt with in a swift manner to ensure a satisfactory outcome for both the hotel and the customer.

Together with the General Manager, the candidate will effectively lead and manage the development of the employees to ensure the hotel utilizes the PI reviews and where applicable personal employee development plans.

To provide timely and detailed information that will be needed by the other hotel personnel and ensure data is distributed to the relevant people, and generating action plans where appropriate.

Communicate the budgetary and vision requirements of the hotel to all employees and provide feedback on Huntsmans performance.

The ideal candidate will:

Have strong business acumen.

Have proven experience of motivating, leading and developing a team.

Hold a strong understanding of Huntsman functions and vision

Have previous experience working in the hospitality industry.


Full training

Competitive pay and discretionary bonus packages

Fantastic team working environment

Medical cover for self and dependants



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