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The site of Nompumelelo Hospital, South Africa, was developed by Medpages services. It is an absolute source of healthcare information in Africa. The company is based in South Africa. Its database contains four hundred and one thousand, nine hundred and sixteen actively managed healthcare providers records ("Targeted Communications Medpages service," n.d.). Many people in need of medical professionals usually visit Medpage. Other visitors also do look for healthcare facilities, healthcare providers, and pharmacies. The company offers information on the contacts and marketing services to the healthcare industry.

MedPage Target communication enables its users to reach their exact audience while carrying out their marketing campaigns. They do act on behalf of their clients by sending targeting communications. When they do this, they have higher chances of succeeding. The industry has an updated contact information, and its accuracy and completion enable their customer to achieve huge success. The website does a good job in marketing their clients hence making it the most resourceful healthcare information in Africa. The clients are also guaranteed of the protection of their brand during marketing. The protection is offered by the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) ("Targeted Communications Medpages service," n.d.). In this association, only 13 of its members have met the required level of compliance where Medpage is among them. Following its compliance, thus the clients are assured of the legality of their direct marketing. One can only protect its brand by choosing the right partner. Some institutions that are illegal can put your name at high risk.


The MedPage website provides the subscribers with a coherent view of their clients plus continuous updating database of healthcare providers in the whole Africa. They have a dedicated team that is in-charge of maintaining the database. The team tends to contact the clients on a daily basis to ensure that their databases are up to date. Their work is to add the new customers to the database and updating the healthcare providers information. Information in the database is of high-quality, and the people using this website can integrate it into their systems. On the site, updated and accurate information regarding every healthcare provider is present. That include the names and all kinds of contacts one can use to reach them immediately. Nompumelelo being one of the hospitals in South Africa that receive services from MedPage, the clients can easily access their contacts and reach them on time. Information found on the database can help save a life especially in times of emergencies.


Many usually use the MedPage website when searching for healthcare providers. In South Africa, this site is among the top sites to find practitioners. It falls in the top 200 of the famous websites in South Africa. Most health institutions in the world use this site. It is the best web for advertisement. Most people especially healthcare institutions tend to visit this site on a daily basis making it the best location for the ads. 90% of those visiting Medpage site are usually the healthcare institutions that way advertisers on this site benefit a lot. The dealers receive the full range of customer exposure. Among these visitors, over 50% of them are new meaning the advertisers are likely to get new clients as well to view their offers. They tend to gain an audience to advertise to and also frequent visitors reinforcing their message. Most hospitals that use this website get to be known plus services they offer hence getting more customers. Medpages provides same services to the clients both corporate and public.

MedPage provides outstanding services to its customers as it does an excellent job of marketing the institutions. Most hospitals in South Africa, as well as the entire Africa, depends on their services. They have almost all the qualities that clients can look upon when needed. Nompumelelo hospital has more than enough advantages in the market for using this website. Information regarding services offered by the hospital can reach a large audience. MedPage tend to have many people visiting the site on a daily basis. The institution can as well get the best health care practitioners from the site. In marketing the hospital and all the services it gives, MedPage is the best for the job. Being among the most popular websites in Africa, Nompumelelo hospital stands a chance of getting new clients on a daily basis.

Being a healthcare providing institution, Nompumelelo deserves to have the best website. In the market, a firm needs a good website to outdo its competitors. The website should be more attractive to the customers with every detail necessary to the customers. There are various hospitals in South Africa with similar services to the clients. The way you advertise and display information regarding the institution is of great importance. Medpages services have helped Nompumelelo to keep on the track with other healthcare providers. With an excellent website, the clients can tell how good their services are hence gaining more customers.


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