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The need for the company to fill vacancies depends on their choice of selection. Though most firms opt for external candidates, some companies like Ivory Melodies chose to fill their vacancies through the internal selection method where the employees receive promotions to other higher positions depending on the efforts enacted in their previous duties. However, the increase in demand for pianos might not be well met depending on the internal promotion ladder of the company given that some categories are negatively impacted. For instance, in the category of Assembler I which has 300 employees, promotion of 23% of these employees to Assembler II imply that 23/100 of 300 results to 69 employees. 6% of Assembler I employees promoted to specialists indicate that 6/100 of 300 is 15 employees. 20% who left the company makes 20/100 of 300 results to 60. Therefore 69 + 60+15= 144, (300-144= 156) but looking at the 5% of employees demoted from Assemblers II to Assembler I (5/100 of 200) are 10. Thus Assembler I category will have 166 employees (156+10).

Likewise, in Assembler II which initially had 200 employees; had 10% of the workers promoted to supervisor positions (10/100 of 200 = 20). 10% left the company (10/100 of 200 = 20)5% demoted to Assembler I (5/100 of 200= 10) while 3% promoted to Quality Specialists (3/100 of 200= 6). In this case, 20 +20+10+6= 56 thus, (200-56=144+ 69 employees promoted from Assembler I leads to a total of 213 employees.

With supervisors being 30 in number, 40% left (40/100 of 30=12), 5% demoted to Assembler II (5/100of 30=2), while 10% promoted to specialists (10/100 of 30= 33). It implies that the sector will be positively affected in the sense that regardless of 17 employees( 12 left+ 2demoted+ 3 promoted), the 13 members remaining and the 20 promoted from Assembler II results to a total of 33 with an increase of 3 from the initial 30 employees.

Given Quality Control Specialists category with 70 members initially where 8% of workers left (8/100 of 70 =6), 10% promoted to supervisors (10/100 of 70=7), while 20% moved to Assembler II (20/100 of 70 =14). Thus 6+7+14=27, (70-27=43) Additionally, 15 members promoted from Assembler I, 6 members from Assembler II and 3 members from Supervisors, (43+ 15+6+3= 67) it implies that the quality control sector will remain with 67 members from the original total of 70 members.

Therefore, based on the above workings, it is evident that the internal promotion ladder of Ivory Melodies is favorable to specific sectors only like the supervisors and the Assembler II. On the other hand, the other sections of the Quality control and Assembler I losses members thus, making the sections to have an inadequate strength to produce the quality of work needed given the fact that there is an increase in demand for the firm's goods. In this case, it is evident that the company will have to employ other workers externally who will fill up the gap in those sectors that have lost members due to promotion, demotion or transfer. For instance, given the 2018 prediction which implies that the company will need 40% increase of employees in Assembler I(40/100 of 166=72 external employees ). 40% employees in Assembler II( 40/100 of 213=85) however, though the company will need 85 workers, there are 13 that are promoted and demoted from other sectors and thus (85-13=72 members needed externally. With 20% of supervisors (20/100of 33=7), 7 supervisors are required though the 3 that we already had acquired from other sectors will mean that (7-3=4), thus 4 members will be externally hired. Finally 33% of Quality control specialists (33/100 of 67=22) it means 22 specialists will be externally recruited in this case for the company to satisfy the additional demands of the market adequately.


The fact that the request in Ivory Melodies pianos has sky rocketed, the satisfaction of the market will imply that the firm develops new strategies through the Human resource to increase man power. However, Ivory Melodies will not meet the demands if it holds on to the internal employee movement since it's a strategy that positively affects two categories of jobs at the same time negatively hurting the other two sections. In this case, I can say that the introduction of external selection will help balance both the sections mostly in those sections that have lost many members due to promotion to higher positions. For instance, in Assembler I which had remained with only 166 members after all the movements, hiring of 62 more members from the outside will imply that the total will rise to 228. In this case, the employees can efficiently work together to improve production to meet the new demands of the market, unlike the 166 members who could not bring in many efforts under the new pressure of satisfaction. Additional workforce from external selection will positively make the work easier and save time for making other progress of the company. Therefore, firms should always not only rely on one selection strategy but to also take into consideration other means of hiring that will help them meet the demands of the customers as well as profit making.

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