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Following the complaint from customers at F&B operations, the organization seeks to respond by preparing a plan that helps address the issues that causes delays in service delivery in the organization. The service plan contains a definition of the service plan to respond to a long time that customers have to wait in the F&B department before they get the services. The plan also contains workforce planning to implement in the F&B department, and explanations on how improving customer perceptions affect the profits, a description of technology to use to quicken the service delivery and to develop quality control to monitor service delivery plan.

In the F&B department, several factors contribute the slow service delivery to the customers. It is the pleasure of the F&B department to inform the customers that the causes of delay in the department have been identified and there are measures to stop the problems. In the response to customers needs in the department, some of the causes of delays include multiple lines in the F& B department. It has been a common practice in that the employee multitasks in the F&B department, which causes people to stay for long hours in the cues. Analytically, the number of front office staff in the restaurant is small thus contributing to the long waiting time in the department. In the F&B, department customers take a long time making decisions regarding the food to eat because the menu is not visible. It has taken the department long time before incorporating the technology for quick service delivery and thus there long lines in the department.

Workforce planning

The attempt to reduce inconveniences in the F&B department has called for workforce planning in the department. For example, the management has increased the number of employees to avoid cases of multitasking that causes delays. The department manager is seeking to make the worker employee ratio favorable to improve the speed of service delivery in the department. Another improvement underway in the organization regards the rule of line management. The management will no longer allow customers to form multiple lines because it contributes to the delays. Another significant improvement that is underway regarded modification of menu. The department is seeking to design a visible menu and position the menu in a strategic position that is visible to most customers. There is hope that if the customers will read the menu with ease, they will make decisions quickly.

The management of the F&B department does not allow employees to multitask in the front office. The research regarding the causes of complaints from the customers shows that majority of the employees do not know their job description. As a result, the workers in the front office multitask. The fronts offices need more workers to reduce the cases of multitasking and reduce the delays witnessed before.

Technology to use

The F&B department is seeking to involve the current technology, for example, line-time video analytics and digital ordering to improve the speed of service delivery in the department. The management seeks to equip every employee with POS tablet that will help them in taking the order from the client in the line. As a result, the client will not wait for long hours in the lines before they receive the services they needed.

Effects of improving customer perception on profit margin

Improving the speed of service delivery attract new customers in the department. Besides, when the services delivery in the department is quick, the existing customers will not change their minds for alternative services. As a result, the F&B department will increase its profit margin because of a large number of customers it receives. Additionally, involving the technology in the provisions of services increase the number of customers served. Serving a large number of customers at a time increases the profits in the F&B department. Designing a large menu will help the customers make quick decisions.

Quality control

There is a need to monitor the response of the customers to ensure that the quality of services does not deteriorate. One of the measures to use for quality control includes collecting remarks from the customers. After the customers have received the service, they are provided with a book to write their compliments and complaints. The complaints will help the management to improve on the nature of services. The department will reinforce the compliments to improve the level satisfactions to customers.

The staff in the front offices will write their reports regarding the nature of services provided to the customers. In the reports, the staff will give an opinion regarding how they view the progress of the job. The staff needs to forward their complaints and concerns regarding the service delivery and the feedbacks of the customers. The management needs to note the changes brought by the reforms in the department. The department needs to quantify the benefits of the reforms in the department to act as a motivation to the employees.

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