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Through programming, in designing, staging and delivering leisure opportunities, we are obligated to promote the value of parks, leisure and recreation for social interventions by satisfying our customers and improving the moral life of the society.

Department summary

According to Mannell & Kleiber (1997), the concept of design assumes leisure is understood and experienced by individual, features of the leisure experience and why entity's brand some experience as leisure but others not. Therefore, a designed program will intervene in social interactions and deploy an environment in a way to maximize the probability that individuals who enter them will have the leisure experience they seek (Kelly, 1983).

Leisure is central to todays society; Kelly (1983) specified that leisure is essential life chance for manifestation and development of selfhood by working on identities that important to an individual. Consequently, the broad concept of leisure is the incorporating play, recreation, games, tourism, events and sports that are well-known by more explicit defining characteristics (Neulinger, 1981).

Our brand name, department will operate in twenty recreation programs offering great experiences in our creations. Our department will run different categories of activities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, special events and Festivals, soccer games, golfing, swimming pools, walking trails and green spaces. Through these programs and facilities, Fenland parks our brand name, will ensure quality of life to all residents in our country.

The population served by the Fenland P&R organization

The organization will incessantly strive to provide positive recreational opportunities for all people of all ages and abilities, Adults, children and youth infants (-19 years). For persons with a disability there will be a new program to be offered. Our recreational and leisure opportunities program will have no limits; we shall promote fun social events and forums for interacting and making new friends.

Fenland P&R intervention benefits;

Parks and Recreation (P&R) provide many benefits to the communities among them include;

Foresters human progress; our park will help citizens acquire somewhat new ideas, explore their artistic talents, and to improve their abilities in a wide range of activities. Our Special Olympics program will aid local athletes with intellectual disabilities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families.

Upholds heath and wealth; Parks and Recreation offer fitness and nutrition programs, sports packages, and recreation activities to acquire people to move and improve their health and aptness. It besides provides amenities for citizens to be dynamic on their own, such parks, outdoor fitness stations, pools, trails, and recreation centers.

Upsurges cultural unity; our parks is designed in a manner to host different cultural activities and our goal is to promote cultural activities in our communities.

To reinforce community image and sense of habitation; Parks are widely used to host weddings, company picnics or family reunions. Fenland Parks and Recreation tend to host a wide range of citywide occasions that will convey our community together.

Support trade and industry development; Parks attracts tourism greenbacks for the community, as they engender overnight sojourns, as well as support for restaurants, trade rations, gas stations, etc. moonlight hosts football, soccer, disc golf, rug bee, and tennis tournaments at Parks and Recreation facilities.

Strengthens safety and security; moonlight parks and recreation will afford overseen recreation events, Thus, developing a safe place for children to go during the holidays in additional parks and recreation facilities Conducts swimming lessons to prevent drowning scenes.

Aids community problem solving; our parks will consider the low income citizen and implement a program for donating facilities for both recreation and leisure. Fenland parks will be involved in project funding in lieu to develop our community.

Offers recreational experiences; Moonlight Park will offer recreation facilities to all people regardless of their age, ability or income level. We shall implement programs for both mentally and physically disabled, at-risk youths, pre-schoolers, teens, families, individuals, and seniors, alongside with financial aid for needy. With our pools, lakes, golf courses, recreation centers and parks our community will appreciate diversity in recreation opportunities.

Safeguards environmental resources; our park will develop wetlands and rain gardens to help screen storm water as it extends to local creeks. Also conservation of green space plays a major role in shielding the environment. Green space enhances clean air and water value as well as providing habitat for wildlife.

Fenland Parks, Recreation and Leisure Budget & Pricing

The cost analysis information for the budget include; Costs for design and project management, capital improvement, operations and maintenance of existing and proposed facilities and resources. Moonlight's budget include an estimate of each facility, land acquisitions and facility improvements.

Fenland Park estimated pricing list

Item Projected cost

Land acquisition $230,000

Play equipment & restroom facilities $65,000

Parking and entry drive $25,000

Trail construction $27,000

Multi purpose turf field $270,000

Design and project management $100,360

Site furnishings and interpretive facilities $9,000

Landscaper improvements $20,000

Group picnic areas and shelters $120,000

Marketing cost $160,000

Subtotal $1,026,360

15 % contingency $153,954

Total $1,180,314

The funding sources of fenland parks will include; federal, state and local government, grants, endowments and trusts

Marketing plan

Our primary goal is to offer new attractive programs and facilities to the customers and launching ways to enhance allegiance as well as maintain customers over the long period of time. Our Market swot analysis will identify key areas of interests and threats, thus helping our department to implement strategic marketing plans.

Press release

Fenland parks for happy people with healthy lives!

For immediate release

E-MAIL:[email protected]

Phone: 777777700000

DEPT. INFO: www.fenlandland.comFenland parks facilities ranked as most creative parks in the world

Authors Name, United States of America- May, 2017

Fenland parks are recreation parks and leisure facilities, leading in the world. The company prides itself on creating healthy lives to unique people and to a strong community is now in the limelight due to its success in meeting its customers demand.

We are thrilled to partner with our neighborhood parks and showcase our services in the leading recreational facilities, regions in the world says founder of Fenland. Their passion and dedication to meet customers demand in the parks is overwhelming

To learn more about the company success, future expansion plans, or to book an interview, contact Author surname, phone (0000)7770 or email,[email protected], or visit our website at



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