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Background of the Company which is an e-commerce firm began with the goal of becoming a leading business in the online platform in the market. It is an organization that is well-known for offering online merchants as well as giving its consumers a uniformed and sufficient way of getting back merchandise that they have already bought in the online platform. It is a platform that is keen on the provision of a B2B solution to traders who do their business online and mostly regarding goods that are not perishable and those that are physical. The goal of the firm is to make use of an approach that serves the merchants well, and that enables them to engage with their clients online so that they can save time. Also, they ensure that at the same time customers are served adequately and are happy with the services that they receive from the merchants. If the customers are satisfied with the goods purchased from the platform, they will be able to come back for purchase hence supporting the business to continue growing. It is an online firm with the aim of offering investments that are convenient and are in a position that is centralized so that clients can return the products that they purchased when necessary. It is a service that the company boasts of because it is unique when compared to other firms that are doing the same business. They have also created some services that they offer so that they are in a position of having a competitive advantage compared to other companies (Wilkinson, 2013). The company is growing quickly and is using every opportunity to continue growing even in the future.

Goals of the Firm

The missions and visions of the organization for the first their years of establishment include the following:

The primary purpose of the enterprise is to ensure that merchants who serve as the main partners of the organization can attract as well as retain clients because of offering goods of quality and providing a return process that is easy and straight forward. It is essential for attracting repeat customers and attracting others.

The firm also has a goal of the creation of a business that is based on quality services so that they can keep on tracking the needs of customers that are dynamic and changing every other day (Archer, 2014). There is also research that is done regularly on the market so that there is a determination of demand of a new product that is in the market.

The firm also has a goal of offering services that are flexible regarding return policy and ensuring the services provided are of affordable cost. Such can be done by strategically partnering with stakeholders.

Ensuring an increase of the company's share in the market by at least fifteen percent whereby such achievement is the offering of services that are superior compared to other businesses offering the same services. They are also keen on promotions, delivery of quality services and advertising.

To be in a position of becoming the leading organization regarding the provision of the online platform and return merchandise

Improvement of management regarding the inventory and also the logistics that are involved in the online business platform so that they can enhance how customers view their business


SWOT analysis is a tool that is critical in carrying out an analysis of the firm. It is helpful concerning the management regarding the development of strategies that help the organization to succeed in the future. Some of the areas considered include strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the organization.


It is a brand that has already excelled in creating an image that is positive for the clients all over the world because of offering services that are on time and with efficiency yet they are affordable by majority of the customers.

Strategically the firm has partnered with main stakeholders in the business therefore they have enhanced their efforts to ensure that the services they offer are effective so as to maintain their customers and attract others

The firm has made the use of advanced technology in carrying out its operations for improvement of quality of services and efficiency of serving its clients


The organization has faced issues such as shortage of workforce such as lack of personnel for logistics a situation that has hindered the development of the company


Regarding the merchandise return system in the online platform, there is a great demand but no companies are offering the services.

There are also other firms that have decided to outsource the return system of logistics for control of their inventory system and concentration of their operation scope.

It is the first firm that is independent and offers such services. Therefore, it has chances of hindering other firms from entering the market.


The organization is faced with threat of channel end completion. There are firms that have forged their system of return logistics thinking that their system is in the position of handling such services.

Another threat that is likely to affect the business is firms that are advancing their systems such as PostNet.

Balanced Scorecard

The scorecard serves to revolutionize a kind of thinking that is active regarding the metrics performance. It is essential for the assessment of changes faced in the world of information. Therefore, it is in a position of management of assets that are physical.

The organization articulates a variety of strategies such as the provision of services that are of high quality to the clients in the business.

The practice of the idea

The scorecard that is balanced has reliance in 4 ways of binding activities that are short-term to the objectives that are long-term:

The vision translation

The scorecard depends on estimation hence coming to concession regarding the measurements that they will make use for operation of their dreams


A commercial bank had articulated their way of provision of excellent services then being focused on their clients. However, the procedure that is involved in the picking of measures regarding the four areas of the scorecard made the leaders comprehend that they initially expected the accommodation of perspectives that are dissimilar regarding who focused on the customers and what made up the prevalence of services.

Communication and linking

When it reaches a point where there is dispersing of the scorecard to every diagram that is authoritative, the technique becomes a device that can be accessed by everyone. Measures, as well as general primary targets, are interpreted into various destinations as well as actions that are suitable for each particular gathering as the state of a scorecard that is abnormal falls to the specialty of the individual.

Planning of business

Most of the companies have a methodology that is separate which are essential regarding arrangement as well as planning of the organization (Anheier, 2014). If an organization can have the control to make an adjustment of the scorecard, it acquires power for coordination of two capacities regarding the key lines hence there is a guarantee budgetary plans for spending offer support to the primary objectives of the organization. Relating to the wake of conceding to the execution of measures of the viewpoints of the scorecard, the firm discovers its primary drivers to the advancement of the organization.

Learning and giving feedback

The following are the main factors to ensure success of an organization during hard times;

There are some factors that companies dealing with online marketing have proved for determination of the success of such organization.

Significant factors of success for

Organization of all the exercises that gather cash quickly from records those are important

Discovery of approaches those are suitable for doing things that are done regularly

Ensuring the environment is protected and good for doing work

Ensuring that significant thoughts from staff are actualized

Completion of what already began

The main reasons for CSFS selected factors and the significance of access to the organization success

In the world of today, there is the development of the economy. It is important to oversee firms to ensure that they can keep up with these business environments that are always changing. Because of such dynamics that are affecting businesses, many organizations are not able to bear with such a test (Chevalier & Goolsbee, 2003). Therefore, an organization needs to ensure that it is going along with these changes so that it can meet the needs of different clients who may have different desires at different times. There are new methodologies of developments that should be created so that they can gauge the company's productivity and deal with any problems and factors hindering the development of such a firm. Such methodologies require a certain measure of exertion as well as arrangement. Every business unit has some contribution towards the performance and even disappointments to the company. Therefore, it is important that the organization understands every unit.

It is helpful in the process of development. For assessment of representatives of the association as well as commitment, it is useful in the choosing of whether the asset is a benefit for the company or serves as an obligation (Coase, 2012). An execution of a framework of estimation is not allowed whereby the organization can conduct a performance survey, execution of screen, amending of execution course as well as adjusting execution of representatives in the goals of the organization. Even with representative levels, some details are for investigation of development and evaluation of change for making improvements that are positive.

By adjusting the scorecard productiveness, there is an estimation of profitability that is essential for empowering of the organization so that it can characterize its missions as well as procedures and conduct activities that are fit for the team (Linden et al, 2003). To understand the areas of the productivity of the scorecard, there is an approach known as adjusted scorecard approach which should be differentiated regarding the operation of the organization. The arrangement of operations should be in line with an expression of procedures, obligation territories, needs as well as achievements that are fundamental regarding main pointers. It is also important to ensure the arrangement of deliverables, methodology as well as executions.

The primary scorecard that is productive should include the cost of access, loyal customers, measure of the inconvenience of tickets, income arrangement execution, the procedure of conveyance of clients and administration of data. For the execution of the scorecard productiveness, there is a need for systems, an outline that is authoritative, key pointers execution and deliverables concession.



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