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Literature review
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Research methods play a crucial role in identifying adequate strategies that may apply in a given project. Various scholars present views on how organisations might employ effective strategies in organizing special events. The following review highlights some of the significant aspects to consider when organizing special events.

Kellett and Hede in the article Marketing communications for special events present a review on establishing adequate marketing communication systems for special events. The scholars use the Festival Melbourne 2006 as a good example of having the systems. The review focuses on the tension associated with the need for presenting an inclusive gaze and feel to the various activities present on various sites and the need for taking into consideration the needs of potential clients and the diverse marketing skills of the volunteers. From the scholars view, the marketing of special events may gain from; employing a strategic approach to the efforts put in communication systems, improving the consumption experiences of the attendees, providing an independent and a dedicated website, employing social network platforms to enhance loyalty to the events and ensuring that the marketing information on sites make it convenient for the participants to navigate through temporary and new sites in addition to enhancing the quality of the experience (Hede & Kellett 2011). Therefore, non-funded organisations have to consider their marketing communication systems to ensure that they remain relevant.

The article uses the example of the Dragon Boat Festival to illustrate the key areas that need to be factored by non-funded organisations when organising special events. One of the views is that there is need to involve the community to identify the accuracy and cultural authenticity. Cultural events are viewed to have more impact when it comes to connecting with the society. Nonetheless, the cultural events are viewed to at risk of commercialisation which may result in the decrease in the essential aspects which are associated with the events (McCartney & Osti 2017). Therefore, non-funded organisations may have to factor in the culture present in their respective communities to ensure a good relationship between them and the people.

Mason (1997) focuses on psychographics with the view that niche marketing presents a huge obstacle to television. He focuses on the types of individuals who attend art events and other events that the individuals are likely to attend with the target being creating profiles of the arts events audience to see if they have a propensity to attend specific arts events, (Mason 1997, pg. 25). The analysis features the Melbourne International Film Festival audience. From his analysis, the highest number of people who responded to questionnaires were those that obtained the questionnaires directly from the distributor after being given (Mason 1997, pg. 35). In other words, to obtain adequate feedback on a special event, the communication must be direct.

The article Participation in Selected Cultural Activities presents the demographics on the attendance of various events. About twenty-seven percent of the population between fifteen years of age and above took part in at least one cultural event in a year (Participation in Selected Cultural Activities-ABS, Australia 2014). The Australian Capital Territory is viewed to exhibit the highest rate of participation in the cultural events when compared to other regions. Also, people between fifteen and twenty-four years exhibited a high rate in taking part in cultural events in which the participation rate decreases with age. The participation patterns also differed with gender whereby women took part mostly in events associated with making jewellery, textile crafts and paper crafts when compared to men. Also, men took part mostly in events associated with interactive software and computer games (Participation in Selected Cultural Activities-ABS, Australia 2014). Therefore, non-funded organisations may have to consider age when organising special events.

The article Tourism and Hospitality Research presents the view that sustainable tourism tends to be a distinctive aspect of contemporary tourism. The article presents a review of the consumerism on the cultural ideology as per the viewpoint by sociologist Leslie Sklair (Higgins-Desbiolles 2009). The idea is to determine the implications that consumerism holds in comprehending strategies for maintaining sustainable tourism. According to the article, there is need to refrain from value system present in neoliberalism and consumerism and shift to a value system which is less damaging (Higgins-Desbiolles 2009). Therefore, non-funded organizations might consider other options which are less damaging than relying on systems which are unsustainable.

As stated earlier, the review highlights some of the significant aspects to consider when organising special events. Some of the highlighted factors include improving the marketing communication systems, eliminating consumerism, and considering the age of the participants. Other areas include the culture of a given community and analyzing the psychographics associated with an event.


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