A Design Tool to Improve Brand Loyalty of the Young First-Time Chinese Customer of Mercedes-Benz

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China is amongst the most developed country globally, this has resulted due to the dramatic and robust growth its economy. China supersedes most nations in terms of export of its products and amongst the leading enterprises is the purchase of cars. Across the world, China outcompetes entirely all countries in regard to the selling of cars due to its outstanding stability. Consequently, the Chinese boom evidently has encountered a major impact of the sale of luxury cars. Based on the trends and statistics available regarding the dynamicity rates of the car brands in the Chinese market in 2016, an assumption that exists is that about 30.5 % of the BMW who posts 90s would significantly proceed to opt for BMW cars in their subsequent purchases (Feijter, 2016). Whereas on the other hand, 13.1% of Mercedes Benz owners will similarly reinstate their loyalty in their secondary purchases.

Moreover, in regard to the Japanese brands of cars, there would be 35.1% loyalty in the second purchase and categorically this looks entirely greatest within the Chinese market. The Korea Brand KIA has the same willingness to purchase in the subsequent time just as BMW. Finally, the USA brand Chevrolet has a Customers second alternative of 7.8% which is the lowest loyalty comparatively (Feijter, 2016).

Regarding the recent analysis, there has been a gradual shift of the purchasing power towards the young souls in cars within the automobile market of China specifically the purchase of Mercedes Benz in which China is a leader. As a consequence, it is a blueprint that the young generation play a paramount role in the car enterprise. The Mercedes Benz cars have developed considerably promoting the growth of the Chinese market (Chevalier & Lu, 2009). Despite many challenges being experienced in Mercedes Benz cars, they have been addressed them effectively and the car remains outstanding in all aspects and thus very attractive to younger generations.

For example, the car constitutes of exclusively novel breakthroughs that may reduce the severity of accidents as well as less likely to happen in conjunction with little damage incurred if an accident occurs. They are also engineered in other ways to protect an individual in significantly unimaginable ways that even you may never opt thinking about. It is exclusively distinct from all other brands such as Audi, VW, Chery, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Volvo, Geely and many others. Therefore, there is no doubt of the increased need for purchase of the vehicle by the young generations comparatively regarding the changing brand rate of the BMW. At least 21.9% of the Mercedes Benz owners will remain loyal during the second purchase whereas only 17.8% will opt for BMW (Wagner & Wang, 2009).

Frame creation serves as a core design practice and inherently inclined to Abduction -2. It is amongst the steps in the Abduction-2 process specific to the design practice: the process undergone in Induction, then Abduction-1 and finally induction. Framing may be of different natures: routine, simple or quick-lightening process within the practice of designing. In situations where the designer has encountered and dealt with such familiar situations, the frame will serve as an integral and vital part on how the designer would diagnose the situation thus reflecting in the mind without difficulties. It should be understood that the generation of new frames, will call for the experts in designing to engage in subtle processes of analyzing the phenomenological common methods of analysis whereby the situation which tends to be complex will be read in terms of themes.

To sum up, in regard to the marketing potential of the Chinese economy concerning the strategic plans of selling the Mercedes Benz cars. There are entirely increased loyalty young first-time Chinese Customer of the cars based on the design and framing tools that have been utilized to make improvements, modify as well as adjust the Mercedes Benz cars hence their attractiveness towards the younger generation.



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