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The Coca-Cola Company values its employee as significant and as most essential resources, this is the reason why the company through the human resource management has created and compensated them with a positive workplace where they can exceed expectations in their different execution, build up their professional skills by helping them in accomplishing their objective.

As an esteemed member of the company, Coca-Cola is always dedicated in supporting, creating and developing its employees to achieve their different possibilities by upgrading employee execution through learning's, training and professional advancement. The execution of employees is being observed by utilizing Individual Performance Objectives, where employees are being monitored though their performance and motivated 1through this training and seminar programs and also by compensation to increase their positive performance. In the meantime, as a component of the company's way of life, the execution outlook will be appropriately imparted to the employee and will have an effect in the company's reward logic.

The Company integrates is employee services under consolidated organized culture framework that entails educating, training and censure. This is additionally to guarantee that employees are sufficiently skilled to release their obligations in client relations and also vocation objectives, the company work a rationality reasoning. The rationality signifies that 20% from training and criticism, 70% of employee improvement happens from Job, and 10% from formal advancement and learning.

At Coca-Cola Company a vocation is thought to be an adventure through which employee advance with directions and measures set inside the company, movement not just about getting advancement but rather about building background and capacity. Inside the Coca-Cola Company, this culture s achieved through building skills and a conducive environment for employees to expand and thrive for productivity.

Contribution of techniques to employee engagement

As indicated by Jackson, Schuler and Werner (2012), effective strategies of human resource management division must be utilized to strengthen the accomplishment of hierarchical methodology to help the Company in accomplishing its goals and objectives. These employees additionally speak to the company in their different surroundings as Coca-Cola representatives any place they seem to be. The company treats it employees reasonably and individually on each issue regarding the company's esteems. As one of its goals is to make great and supporting workplaces that are as differing as the operation focuses over the world.

Coca-Cola Company has one of the best advantages because it pays its employees accordingly throughout the world in relation to the country living standards. High performing employees and a good setup benchmarked among all contenders are also rewarded by the organization (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2012). The company gives its employee various advancement openings, which incorporates learning and improvement programs among other trainings.

To cultivate open correspondence, the organizations makes incessant discourse with different employees around the globe, which is in support of the cycle of thoughts and to support collaboration. At such discoursed the company though the sponsorship programs has increased its participation which is the best essential way to reinforce its business methodologies, increase its mindfulness and entreat road to share achievement by opening new door to talents and support of less privileges in the society. The case of such entails most of the help world cup soccer competitions which the company sorts out to advances its items.

Employee Staff Induction in Coca-Cola Company

In Coca-Cola Company, staff induction is a critical phase within a continuum of certified learning based on visibly defined performance progress developments, mentoring and preparation structures. In this case, staff induction then becomes a process whereby new employees adapt and learn new organizations norms and expectations so that they can reach the maximum productivity. The program specifically ensures that new Coca-Cola Company employees are supported in their professional practice, be able to sustain the organization culture and build a positive relationship with their colleagues creating a shared responsibility for the realization to all the staff members (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2012). This process does not only target new employees it but also those who have received transfers, promotions and the ones returning to work after a long break. All employees are eligible for staff induction irrespective of their work which can be either temporary, permanent, part-time, contracts or even volunteers.

The first strategy to implement is that this program has to be centralized and vary from department to department in Coca-Cola Company depending on the employees and which department they are going to work. From the first day, the organization has to catch up with the enthusiasm and eagerness of the new employees. The first day is imperative because it shapes the employee's attitude to the organization.

Effective induction is organized, timely and give a positive first impression for an organization. This program can inspire the new staff setting out organizations vision and mission and educating them on the companies' culture and values. The new staff is also able to learn the needed technical skills, providing them with the valuable information in the business. A successful staff induction program inspires the new staff lay foundations that create a positive relationship within the team and the wider organization (Hitt, 2017). This staff induction process is time-consuming and costly since most of the organization expect the new employees to start contributing to the business as soon as possible. For the fast growing business, this can significantly affect the performance of the business. An effective induction program according to Noe (2013) is that it affects engagement, staff turnover, employer brand, and absenteeism levels. Efficient staff induction programs help the new staff settle into their new roles faster enhancing their contribution to the productivity of the organization. They also feel a sense of belonging ensuring that they can operate at their full potential within the shortest time possible.

The new staff will also have an improved staff determination, commitment and superior guarantee to the organization. This process ensures better productivity and job proficiency and also increases their commitment to have an extended stay in the organization thus reducing the lower staff turnover which in turn reduces the training and recruitment costs. According to Noe (2013), the challenges of improper staff induction program result in poor employee retention. For instance, if the new staff feels confused after the induction process, depending on once personality, she may not ask for help. This can prompt her to make mistakes until she gets it right. This creates a negative impact on the employees efficiency resulting to poor productivity for the organization.

Impacts of Human Resource Management at Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company first recruits staff members with the right qualities and skills for them to improve and maintain efficiency. Coca-Cola Company is also aware that staff members are their greatest assets and initiating the right induction process is mandatory to ensure that the employees become active within the shortest time possible. The department of human resource has the obligation of ensuring that they have a well organize recruitment process. The staff qualification has to be carefully analyzed about the job done. This creates a proper selection process for the right people who only fit for the right job. After this selection, it is mandatory to ensure that the new employees are successfully integrated into the organization through a well-organized induction program. It is important for the people involved to exercise proper personal and professional management and leadership skills. The selection, recruitment and induction process in Coca-Cola Company is executed with a lot of professionalism whereby it is well planned in time, carried out within the needed time and also evaluated to ensure that it meets the needs of the organization. The significance of good selection, recruitment and induction program exhibits an effective training process, lower labor turnover, and amended organization productivity.


There is no doubt that an organizations success is dependent on its ability to attract, recruit, and retain the right personnel. It is, therefore, critical to understanding the issues that surround recruitment. Equality in recruitment is both a moral and legal issue. Employers should ensure that they do not discriminate against any employees. Additionally, there are aspects like intuition that cannot be explained but which are difficult to ignore. Employers should also know that random placement of employees will have a negative impact on performance. Finally, companies have to be innovative in their recruitment processes if they are to remain competitive in this increasingly changing world.


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