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Dusterhoff, C., Cunningham, J. B., & MacGregor, J. N. (2014). The effects of performance rating, leader-member exchange, perceived utility, and organizational justice on performance appraisal satisfaction: Applying a moral judgment perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 119(2), 265-273.

The article discusses the impacts of the performance rating on the satisfaction of performance of an employee. Moral judgments have been applied in this journal when considering employee performance evaluation. The credential of the authors depicts that they have the required knowledge in the field of study. Additionally, the article has up to date information on performance rating.

Imran, M., Shafique, H., & Maqbool, N. (2014). The Performance Appraisal System: An Examination in The City School of Bahawalpur in Terms of Employee Perceptions. International Journal of Human Resource Studies, 4(1), 71.

The article examines different performance appraisal system. It is important for every organization to perform performance evaluation for their employees to ensure that the organization is working towards achieving its goals. The recency of the article shows that it contains up to date information. Also, the authors of the article have excellent knowledge on the written topic, and their credentials prove it.

Jenter, D., & Kanaan, F. (2015). CEO turnover and relative performance evaluation. The Journal of Finance, 70(5), 2155-2184.

The paper encourages companies to perform performance evaluation for employees. It gives the supervisor and the employee the chance of having a one on one conversation. The journal has up to date information because it is present. The two authors who participated in writing the article confirm that the information contained therein was well researched before the presentation.

Judeh, M. (2011). An examination of the effect of employee involvement on teamwork effectiveness: An empirical study. International Journal of Business and Management, 6(9), 202.

The article explains that employee involvement is essential for a team to be successful. The journal also presents the importance of encouraging employees to work in teams. The credential of the author also confirms that they have the required knowledge in the field of study. This article is important, as it is relevant to the research.

Kehoe, R. R., & Wright, P. M. (2013). The impact of high-performance human resource practices on employees attitudes and behaviors. Journal of management, 39(2), 366-391.

The article evaluates the influence of high-performance practices human resource practices on the behaviors and attitudes of the employee. The article has current information, and this shows that it has up to date information concerning employee performance evaluation. Additionally, the credentials of the authors depict that they have the required knowledge on the topic. They also conducted massive research on the subject as the information in the article is chronologically arranged.

Mone, E. M., & London, M. (2014). Employee engagement through effective performance management: A practical guide for managers. Routledge.

The article focuses on the employee engagement through effective performance management. This article is important for the managers. The publisher of the article confirms its authenticity. Additionally, the two authors of the report confirm the intensive research conducted in the article. The article also contains up to date information on the subject matter.

Ostroff, C. (1992). The relationship between satisfaction, attitudes, and performance: An organizational level analysis. Journal of applied psychology, 77(6), 963.

According to the article, there is a relationship between attitudes, satisfaction, and performance. The article shows how the three issues relate. The credential of the author also confirms that they have the required knowledge in the field of study. The article plays a crucial role in my research project. Therefore, the information I acquired from the article will help me in knowing the way satisfaction, attitudes, and performance are related.

Rynes, S. L., Gerhart, B., & Parks, L. (2005). Personnel psychology: Performance evaluation and pay for performance. Annu. Rev. Psychol., 56, 571-600.

According to the article, performance evaluation helps the employers to know how the employees are performing. The various authors of the journal depict the extensive research conducted in the article. The information contained in the article is significant because it presents different performance evaluation processes.

Sims, R. R. (2002). Managing organizational behavior. Westport CT: Greenwood Press.

It is important for every organization to manage its organizational behavior. The publisher of the book also is an indication that it is authentic. Additionally, the author of the article is genuine, and he has written other books relating to the subject matter of the topic. The article is relevant to the project because it presents information regarding the ideas of employee performance.



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